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ADAM Software

ADAM: (Asset Data Analysis Management) is web-enabled tool for the development and optimisation of asset management information, including data capture, maintenance analysis as well as build and spares identification, which is configurable for upload to any asset management system.


ADAM™ provides a suite of modules that includes comprehensive maintenance build and optimisation functionality, which is further configurable to meet client requirements including the following:
  • Customisable fields, definitions and business rules
  • Equipment hierarchy
  • Bills of materials
  • Criticality
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), RBI, SIL or GM
  • Maintenance plans, items and task lists
  • Procedures and documents
  • Spare parts review
  • Configurable tag allocation
  • Data manipulation and verification
  • Bulk updating of data
  • Load sheets
  • Built in and customisable reports
  • Application support and suggestions log
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Many companies need to verify their assets periodically, but face a significant challenge to efficiently track missing equipment, incorrect locations, missing serial numbers and new undocumented equipment.


Some of the issues that can arise include :
  • Time-consuming, inefficient manual system
  • Hard-to-read handwriting
  • Double-handling / re-entry of data
  • Data entry errors
  • Difficulty synchronising and collating audit data
  • Not being able to match photos to assets

TagMan™ has been designed as an asset verification application that is easy to install and use on all Apple devices, without requiring a dedicated, single-use device.

Leveraging the capabilities of touch-screen technology, TagMan™ allows searching, data capture, barcode scanning, GPS positioning and the taking / storing of multiple photos against a specific asset.

TagMan™ can be used in highly restrictive environments with no internet connection required.

Devices can communicate with each other on-site using BlueTooth to ensure that work is not duplicated.

Users can periodically send data changes to a central repository, where it can be incorporated into any asset management system.

TagMan™ can be configured to meet specific clients requirements including the population of drop down boxes.

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  • DocMan is an effective solution for the management of work-order based activities. Leveraging tablet technology, DocMan™ allows the simple allocation of work orders to iPad devices.
  • DocMan provides timely visualised progress reports to management
  • Intuitive photo and electronic note taking eliminating risk & rework associated with paper based processes.
  • It can be used in highly restrictive environments with no Internet connection required.

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Handover Notes

  • An effective solution for the process of sharing important information between teams – ideal for shift based activities
  • Leveraging tablet technology, Handover Notes™ reduces risks associated with paper based records
  • Allows the capturing and electronic recording of incidents as they happen
  • Linking of multiple photographs to support notes
  • Captured information can only be edited prior to “handover” preserving data integrity
  • Notes and photos created can be synced to server for back-ups, online viewing and visibility to management

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