Save up to 40% on traditional manual asset verification processes

Many companies need to verify their assets periodically, but face a significant challenge to efficiently track missing equipment, incorrect locations, missing serial numbers and new undocumented equipment.



Tagman Intro

TagMan Features:

  • Easy to install – Just click a link in our internet browser
  • Easy to use, with no training required
  • Data loading dependent on client interface/requirements
  • No dat re-ntry is required
  • Data charges can be emailed using standard iPad/iPhone email
  • Any hierarchy containing existing asset data from any asset management system can be used
  • New data can easily be added
  • Matching  photo data is easy, including intuitive file names
  • Multiple high-resolution photos of assets can be taken and stored against data
  • Barcodes can be scanned or manually entered
  • Customisable field names can be configured
  • Works on iPad2, iPad3, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Mini
  • Works with 3G/cellular, just wireless or completely offline
  • Multiple devices can synchronize with each other using BlueTooth

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