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M-Files enterprise information management solutions are disrupting the ECM market by eliminating information silos and providing quick and easy access to the right content from any core business system and device. M-Files achieves higher levels of user adoption resulting in faster ROI with a uniquely intuitive approach to ECM that is based on managing information by “what” it is versus “where” it’s stored. With flexible on premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options, M-Files places the power of ECM in the hands of the business user and reduces demands on IT by enabling those closest to the business need to access and control content based on their requirements.

M-Files Document Management System (DMS) is simple to install and learn, reliable, powerful and secure – without breaking your budget. It also improves workflow, increases information reuse, eliminates redundancy, securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss – all in a single document management solution that integrates with Windows Explorer.

M-Files supports a wide range of compliance needs, including:

  • ISO 9000/9001 and GMP in manufacturing
  • Regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11 affecting pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies
  • HIPAA and related privacy requirements in the medical field
  • Sarbanes-Oxley in the accounting and financial services space

M-Files DMS Features and Benefits:

  • Fast search – both “full text” file contents and metadata
  • Secure, metadata-driven user access permissions
  • Check-in/check-out with audit trail
  • Version management
  • Workflow with email notifications
  • Fast offline use and remote/mobile access
  • Support for scanned paper documents and email
  • Web interface
  • Robust interface for connecting to external databases such as an enterprise CRM or ERP system
  • Rich scripting capabilities and a complete Application Programming Interface (API).

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M-Files Quality Management System (QMS) ensures your quality processes and policies are being followed with M-Files QMS – the practical solution to compliant document management. M-Files QMS makes it easy for businesses to improve their quality management systems and meet certification requirements with document and process management capabilities designed for organizations with strict quality and compliance needs.

M-Files QMS Features & Benefits:
Improve your quality procedures with a comprehensive set of features that assist with:

  • Quality standards such as ISO 9001
  • CE marking or labeling
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11
  • Audits associated with all of the above

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M-Files Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) helps you collect technical data from plants and suppliers to a centralized repository and collaboration platform. Our solution portfolio consists of five agile products that address different data management purposes such as plant maintenance and master data management (MDM).

Top EAM Industry Uses:

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Reporting maintenance data intelligence
  • Document Management for IBM Maximo
  • Document Management for SAP PM
  • Document Management for Solteq Solax and Artturi

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M-Files Master Data Management (MDM) implementation facilitates higher quality data and improved decision support leading to more efficient and effective maintenance processes.

M-Files MDM Features & Benefits:

  • More efficient use of existing systems
  • Higher user adoption
  • Better Master Data quality
  • Faster access to data
  • More efficient work management

M-Files enables the collection of technical data, both internally and from partners, using simple forms that anyone can use without training. Employees and partners access the system via a familiar and efficient native Windows client that supports caching and offline access for improved performance and reliability, even in low bandwidth environments, or with no network or Internet connection at all, such as when working remotely or during a network outage or system failure. Users access the system just like My Documents or My Computer, but faster and more secure. The system can be also accessed via standard Web browsers or mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets with support for the most popular platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Newgen Software

  • Newgen OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) is the market leading solution to enable “digital transformation of your enterprise”.
  • It allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition, and delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Besides, OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management provides the flexibility to access or deliver content over Mobile and Cloud creating a highly connected and digital workplace.
  • It also offers a robust US DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management System to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around management of records.

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  • Newgen OmniScan is an advanced document imaging software solution which offers more than just information capture.
  • OmniScan accelerates business processes by capturing data and converting it into actionable information.
  • Information originating from paper, office documents, fax etc. can be effectively scanned and delivered to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP. It supplements enterprise wide digitization and automation needs.
  • It offers excellent integration when paired with other existing systems. OmniScan dovetails well with SAP and SharePoint.

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  • Newgen Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS) is the BPM solution of choice for businesses looking to Design, Deploy, Monitor and Improve business processes.
  • It combines the best of Business Process Management and modern tools such as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud to offer a process platform that drives enterprise wide Digital Transformation.

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