January 2017

Introducing Our New Partners for Enhanced Materials Management & Critical Spares Inventory Optimization – Oniqua

Oniqua’s primary mission is to help our customers make smarter, more informed decisions, and to optimize asset-related performance across their MRO activities. Oniqua has partnered with industry leaders that deliver complementary technologies and services to help make that mission a reality.

Oniqua Intelligent MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) cuts cost and mitigates risk for some of the world’s largest energy and resources companies. Our cloud-based technology platform, combined with expert consultation and masterful data collection and analysis, makes advanced analytics simple and accessible. It eliminates the need to hire in-house analysts or struggle with dirty data. Oniqua customers rapidly reduce cost, waste, and risk while achieving greater service levels through increased efficiency.

EDMS Consultants has many years of experience in providing comprehensive Data & Document management solution and services.  At EDMS Consultants, our business goal is to help our clients have sustainable competitive advantage due to increases in Productivity, Profitability and Resilience.

We specialize in the Asset Intensive Industries and focus our solutions on their business drivers, i.e. streamlined business processes, cost optimization, better business planning, improved efficiency and productivity which translates into improved operational visibility thereby improving business performance initiatives.

Contact Person:

Raudha Salvador

Marketing Manager

Tel: +603 7451 5696

Email: raudha@edms-consultants.com