Welcoming Our New Partner – Stream Perfect Global Services

March 2017 Introducing Our New Partners for Manual Data Indexing Service – Stream Perfect Global Services SPGS (Engineering Data Processing Division of Stream Perfect Global Services) offers exclusive service in :

  • Metadata extraction and Indexing
  • Verification of third party processed data
  • Extraction and Standardization of the Engineering Tags 
  • Data Sheet Processing.

SPGS ensure proficiency in services and quality results for all engineering data processing services.

EDMS Consultants has many years of experience in providing comprehensive document management solution and services. We are also specialized in providing risk and content life cycle management, asset management and maintenance, and engineering information solutions and services. At EDMS Consultants, our business goal is to become specialist technology provider that creates sustainable business for our clients. 

In addition, we specialize in the Oil & Gas and Engineering industries and focus our solutions on their business drivers, i.e. streamlined business processes, cost optimization, better business planning, improved efficiency and productivity which translates into improved operational visibility thereby improving business performance initiatives.

Contact Person:

Raudha Salvador

Marketing Manager

Tel: +603 7451 5696

Email: raudha@edms-consultants.com