Create Transparency, Accountability and Continuous Improvement

Optimizing your operations

MaxGrip provides smart APM solutions for other industries, like for instance the Chemical, Mining & Steel, Nuclear and Automotive industry. In these industries, sustainability, compliance and customer focus are of the utmost importance. Having a long-term, strategic asset management solution in place helps you to establish sound decision-making processes and will create transparency, accountability, and the continuous improvement of your daily operations. Moreover, to always stay one step ahead.

Take control over your assets

When it comes to rising costs, budgetary constraints, increasing regulatory pressure and a shortage of skilled employees, MaxGrip recognizes the challenges you face. Your company’s license to operate can be jeopardized by incidents and accidents. Therefore you need to be in full control of your assets. Compliance is a hot topic that you cannot ignore. We know that in the automotive industry uptime of your critical production assets is key. We realize that in the Mining & Steel and Chemical industry, production and delivery standards are also very high: your clients expect the highest quality – and more. You need to deliver the right product, at the right time, for the right price – always. Safety, health and environment are high on the agenda as well. Safety and sustainability – both in terms of behavior, on the floor and in the factories or plants – are a continuous challenge. At MaxGrip, we know that the operation and upkeep of for instance paint factories, glass factories (semi-) manufacturing sites and the detergent industry can only succeed with effective and efficient asset management. When you are compliant and in full control of your assets.

Keeping it simple

At MaxGrip, we have an explicit understanding of how your assets contribute to achieving your business drivers. We predict risks, prevent failures and help to organize, optimize, design and execute maintenance, SHE and asset performance strategies. We execute data and risk analyzes and help you improve with FMECA’s and RCA. We help you to keep the overview and keep it simple. By enabling you to think ahead, MaxGrip provides a clear line of sight about your business objectives and daily activities. That way, you will get the very most out of your assets.


Digitalization: The Recipe for Success

When we talk about information management, there’s so much more to it than just document or content management.

The real potential for benefits comes out of digitalizing the processes and workflows within a company – and towards external stakeholders.

Document management at the core of business processes

According to IDC, information workers waste a significant amount of time each week dealing with a variety of challenges related to working with documents. This wasted time costs the organization ,732 per information worker per year and amounts to a loss of 21.3% in the organization’s total productivity. Even though a couple of years old, this study probably still reflects the reality of today’s business.

The different units in an organization each run their own processes, but often those processes are interlinked with each other. The same documents are needed to successfully run the business, and often related information needs to be found to complete the tasks.

However, even the person who originally created the document sometimes struggles to find the correct version again to reuse it. Not to mention all the internal and external stakeholders who would need the same information during its life cycle.

To make the situation worse, a lot of documents are still handled manually by emailing, signing and archiving them manually.

Digitalization offers a better way to handle the processes

Digitalizing and automating the whole process of document management solves the inefficiency described above.

Document management can be simplified with metadata and automated workflows. User and access rights based on role, as well as common document handling, approval and archiving processes will improve quality management and compliance with governmental, industry or company regulations.

Depending on the process, there are several different ways to automate content management, records keeping, and the whole process. At that point, it is about digitalization of the office work, rather than just finding and storing documents.

Real-life savings and process improvements

There’s huge potential for savings and efficiency in digitizing workflows.

Netherlands Aircraft Company b.v. (NAC) helped the development of the new Fokker 130 by utilizing content-in-context and artificial intelligence features to organize the information management process in a way that improves control and makes information easier to find.

Another company, countplus one, which is an accounting company based in Sydney Australia, achieved productivity gains and time savings by converting their paper files to searchable electronic documents.

The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) uses a combination of special keyword tags, Microsoft Word templates, and M-Files automatic e-mail notifications to create a simple but highly effective workflow structure that is easily customizable for any recurring task.


Welcome M-Files Online!

To address the challenges of modern, intelligent information management described above, we have recently launched M-Files Online: the new true hybrid cloud content services platform that brings your information management to the new era:

  • In M-Files, documents are just one type of asset and although important, it’s still just one among others. We allow our customers to view and manage business data, business processes and all related documents in the same place.
  • You can use M-Files Online as a centralized repository for all data or connect it to external systems and repositories without the need for data migration. Perhaps the most popular data repositories in businesses are network shares so all M-Files Online subscribers receive a connector without extra cost.
  • M-Files Online lets you freely combine on-premises and cloud workloads without having to purchase separate user licenses for each system.
  • M-Files now releases updates to the software on a monthly basis, or even more frequently if needed. To help you to get the most out of the new monthly release cadence, the modern native clients for M-Files (M-Files Desktop and M-Files Mobile) are now automatically updated without intervention from the IT department. This ensures that all users always get the latest and greatest version of the software on their computers without a need for manual updates.
  • M-Files Online offers artificial intelligence features, such as automatic metadata suggestions and image analysis for free to help you get your metadata right without laborious manual metadata entry.

M-Files Online helps your employees focus on information that is relevant to the task at hand. With M-Files Online, we can more confidently claim that we change the way the world manages information.