M-Files Enterprise Document/ Content Management System


M-Files Knowledge Automation Worker revolutionizes knowledge management in organizations. It automates tasks like data entry and organization, saving time and resources. With smart features such as AI-driven classification, it ensures easy access to relevant information, boosting productivity and decision-making.

M-Files enables the collection of technical data, both internally and from partners, using simple forms that anyone can use without training. Employees and partners access the system via a familiar and efficient native Windows client that supports caching and offline access for improved performance and reliability, even in low bandwidth environments, or with no network or Internet connection at all, such as when working remotely or during a network outage or system failure. Users access the system just like My Documents or My Computer, but faster and more secure. The system can be also accessed via standard Web browsers or mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets with support for the most popular platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

M-Files for Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management helps to strategize your current methods used to capture, manage, access, integrate, store, and deliver content and document processes. This solution helps to manage unstructured information that is typically critical to your organization’s operation and can come in the form of documents, emails, invoices, contracts, and many other mediums.

M-Files for Document Management System

Time is of the essence, not only for your company but also for your fellow workers. Spend more time doing work that really matters with M-Files. We understand how difficult it can get to find the right document or saved email especially when it is needed the most. At EDMS, we can help grow the business agility and productivity, whilst giving clients the service they need efficiently.

M-Files for Business Process Management

Having digital business processes, especially with the evolving and ever growing market, it saves you the resources and prepare the business to a certain degree. Being on time and well plan is essential. To be reminded on getting the signature for an approval, deadlines and dates can be a real hassle. Let’s be hassle-free with us.

Security and Full Control

Get more control over your documents and processes. It is important to ensure you data are kept secure and enforced with policies throughout the organization. With the new normal of having people work remotely, documents tend to be scattered all over the place, therefore having a system to keep safe of sensitive information and having your staff follow the correct guidelines is important. With M-Files, it will no longer be an impossible task.

Work Anywhere at Anytime

Now, you can work from anywhere and access every document you need to get your work moving forward. Working remotely has never been easier with M-Files. Whether you are at home, in a café or the airport, location don’t matter anymore. We make the process to work easy for you.

Build Workforce Agility

Use your time and focus on what matters most. Don’t waste time digging for information you need about your customer or projects which is in several different places. With M-Files we help eliminate this and ensure that your time is focused on an important tasks, like submitting a proposal or negotiating a contract.

Asset Information Management (AIM) System

AIM helps to manage your end-to-end process by managing all the unstructured content related to enterprise assets and maintenance processes up until the completion of the asset life cycle. This allows you and your team to be more efficient in terms of collaboration in asset-related projects and help to improve the reliability and safety in production, whilst reducing downtimes and outages of plants.

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