Newgen Retail Loan Origination and ActiveScript 

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Newgen’s Retail Loan Origination Solution

Newgen’s End-to-End Retail Lending Solution (RLOS) automates the complete lending process, right from credit origination to collections i.e. bringing origination, analysis, scoring, underwriting, risk management, documentation, disbursement & reporting in a single solution. The solution supports both secured lending products as well as unsecured lending.

Automates Origination Cycle

A complete range of loan products from pre-screening, application processing to underwriting and disbursal.

Enables financial institutions to avail the benefits of both worlds (build + buy)

The institutions get an off-the-shelf solution, which is flexible and responsive to an extent that they can independently run most of the changes in a paperless and electronically-driven workflow environment.


A solution that facilitates banks to differentiate themselves from their competitors. No matter how different or how complicated a process a bank follows, Newgen RLOS platform seamlessly automates it.

Customer On-boarding

Enables banks to seamlessly onboard customers leveraging several configurable templates for customer and product-specific data capture.

Newgen ActiveScript

The Newgen OmniDocs ActiveScript enables end-to-end automation of your industry-specific, document-centric processes. It allows you to create a digital workplace with anytime, anywhere access to relevant documents. With ActiveScript, you are able to achieve faster go-live guaranteed within 3 weeks with a ready to deploy software!

Multi-channel Intake

Facilitates the intake of large volume of documents from various channels, including mobile, e-mail, web portal, and more. It ensures accuracy and completeness of data by capturing, indexing, classifying, and verifying information.

Pre-defined Templates

Offers 100+ pre-defined, ready-to-deploy ActiveScripts for industry-specific use cases, including invoice processing, loan application, employee onboarding, and more.

Document Indexing

Indexes documents in a set format for accurate processing and easy search and retrieval.

Remote Processing

Supports multi-step processes where documents flow from one step to another, along with the attached metadata and actions. Furthermore, offers maker-checker capability so that documents are auto routed, facilitating seamless processing.

Storage and Information Security

Archives documents in a centralized repository, facilitating easy information search and retrieval. Also, offers secure access to the repository so that only intended users view, add, or modify documents

Hosted On-Cloud

Offers flexibility and ensures business continuity with deployment on Microsoft Azure, allowing users to process documents anytime, anywhere.