Multiflash is a powerful and versatile PVT and EOS modelling software package dedicated to :

  • PVT modelling of reservoir fluids phase behaviour
  • Flow assurance and production
  • Evaluation of fluids’ physical properties for design and process simulation

Multiflash provides a complete and reliable solution for the evaluation of the phase behaviour of complex fluids across the whole equipment and plant design process and during operations, and enables engineers with quantitative information and data to rapidly assess options, make choices and prevent or forecast potential problems.

Either as a standalone, self-contained solution, or as the embedded PVT engine in leading process, flow assurance and production simulation software, Multiflash is accessible through multiple sockets. Through its wide connectivity, Multiflash provides engineers with countless possibilities to customise and optimise their workflows, relying on a consistent, coherent and highly accurate fluid’s description including complex petroleum fluids, natural gas and condensates, Hydrates, Wax, Asphaltene, Mercury, Scales, acid gases, alcohols and glycols, polymer blends, chemicals, petrochemicals, refrigerants etc.

Through a wide range of thoroughly tested thermodynamics models, a database of more than 250 pure substances and a unique connectivity, Multiflash is the standard choice for Production Chemists and Flow Assurance, Production and Process Engineers, throughout the entire oil and gas value chain, from the reservoir to the refinery.

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