Petro-SIM Refining

Petro-SIM’s superior fluid characterization underpinned by our proven assay synthesis technology provide a more accurate foundation for refining and petrochemical simulation models. The integration of Petro-SIM with KBC’s SIM Reactor Suite, Energy Suite and other third party technologies provides a unique environment for incorporating best in class technologies to a given simulation model providing a range of flexibility to address concerns in each phase of the lifecycle of a facility, including the design or reconfiguration of that facility straight through to the operation of the facility, providing tools that enable you to improve and optimize the operation and sustain those improvements.

Refining Applications :
  • Process Engineering
  • Process Design
  • Performance Improvement
  • Operation Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Investment
Petrochemical Applications :
  • Petrochemical Complex
  • Integrated Petrochemical Complex with Refinery
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