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Murphy Sabah Oil Corporation Ltd

Client’s Requirements:

  • Clients required a system which is able to monitor, retrieve and respond to drawing-related documents.

EDMS Solution:

  • Installed Livelink Enterprise Server, which integrates content and collaboration and is easily accessible.
  • Client’s drawing documents and markup were also integrated within Livelink.

Benefits & ROI:

  • The Transmittal Management System workflow cuts the lengthy review process from seven days down to three days.
  • Elimination on the usage of hardcopy drawings, wrong reference to drawings can be avoided, since users are notified on all amendments.




FloWax is a powerful multiphase pipeline simulator with wax deposition modelling capabilities for flow assurance and production applications. Through the unique blend of Multiflash’ advanced wax thermodynamics and a robust implementation of multiphase flows model in pipeline.

FloWax allows Flow Assurance and Production engineers to predict the evolution profiles of :

  • The thickness and the physical properties of wax sediments along the pipeline
  • Pressure and temperature of the bulk fluid
  • The physical properties (density, speed, molecular weight, viscosity, holdup ) of the gas, hydrocarbon liquid and aqueous phase

Based on the predicted wax thickness profiles and the criteria required for wax management in production pipelines, the pigging frequency can easily be evaluated.

The built-in pipeline design tool allows including in the model, the pipelines’ geometry, building material, presence of thermal insulation as well the environment in which the pipeline is set. Temperature and Pressure profile from third parties simulators such as Olga can also be imported and matched.

FloWax embeds Multiflash thermodynamic modelling and petroleum fluid characterisation capabilities, however, model files generated with Multiflash standalone can also be used to model the fluid and solve flash calculations.

The multiphase flow model takes into account for different flow regimes as well as the heat transfer between the pipeline and the environment and models the deposition of wax along the pipeline walls, based on mass transfer method. The shear removal model developed with large flow-loop experimental data can also be included for highly turbulent regimes.

In FloWax the effect of entrained solid waxes on oil rheology is also taken into account to provide reliable predictions on oil viscosity. The model can handle the coexistence of wax sediment, hydrocarbon liquid, aqueous phase and gas. However, the number of phases actually present along the pipeline is determined by the full solution of the phase equilibrium calculation with the built-in Multiflash engine.




Multiflash is a powerful and versatile PVT and EOS modelling software package dedicated to :

  • PVT modelling of reservoir fluids phase behaviour
  • Flow assurance and production
  • Evaluation of fluids’ physical properties for design and process simulation

Multiflash provides a complete and reliable solution for the evaluation of the phase behaviour of complex fluids across the whole equipment and plant design process and during operations, and enables engineers with quantitative information and data to rapidly assess options, make choices and prevent or forecast potential problems.

Either as a standalone, self-contained solution, or as the embedded PVT engine in leading process, flow assurance and production simulation software, Multiflash is accessible through multiple sockets. Through its wide connectivity, Multiflash provides engineers with countless possibilities to customise and optimise their workflows, relying on a consistent, coherent and highly accurate fluid’s description including complex petroleum fluids, natural gas and condensates, Hydrates, Wax, Asphaltene, Mercury, Scales, acid gases, alcohols and glycols, polymer blends, chemicals, petrochemicals, refrigerants etc.

Through a wide range of thoroughly tested thermodynamics models, a database of more than 250 pure substances and a unique connectivity, Multiflash is the standard choice for Production Chemists and Flow Assurance, Production and Process Engineers, throughout the entire oil and gas value chain, from the reservoir to the refinery.

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FEESA Maximus™ Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Production Modelling Software


FEESA Maximus™ Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Production Modelling Software

Maximus can be used like any other steady state pipeline network simulator and has been designed to be easy for users familiar with such tools to pick up and use it for nodal analysis, network sensitivity studies and single design cases of interest to the user.

Maximus’ Advantage :

  • Built-in Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) capability (the Life of Field Option), giving Maximus the functionality of a Petroleum Engineering software with the detail of a Process / Flow Assurance Engineering tool.
  • Ideal tool for bridging the gap between subsurface and surface, ntegrating numerous engineering disciplines and reducing interface design margins for a faster, more robust and more cost effective design.


FEESA Maximus Applications include :
  • Detailed Steady State Pipeline Thermal Hydraulic Studies
  • Deepwater Oil Systems
  • Large Offshore Oil & Gas Compression Networks
  • Subsea Seperation
  • Subsea Compression
  • Large Onshore Gas Gathering Systems
  • Water Injection & Disposal Networks
  • Life of Field Operating Envelopes
  • HPHT Developments
  • Polymer Flood Networks
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Export Systems
  • Hydrate Cold Flow Production Systems
  • Predicting Hydrates & Wax Appearance Temperatures via Multiflash
  • Annulus Heating Option
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KBC Production Optimisation

Petro-SIM Refining


Petro-SIM Refining

Petro-SIM’s superior fluid characterization underpinned by our proven assay synthesis technology provide a more accurate foundation for refining and petrochemical simulation models. The integration of Petro-SIM with KBC’s SIM Reactor Suite, Energy Suite and other third party technologies provides a unique environment for incorporating best in class technologies to a given simulation model providing a range of flexibility to address concerns in each phase of the lifecycle of a facility, including the design or reconfiguration of that facility straight through to the operation of the facility, providing tools that enable you to improve and optimize the operation and sustain those improvements.

Refining Applications :
  • Process Engineering
  • Process Design
  • Performance Improvement
  • Operation Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Investment
Petrochemical Applications :
  • Petrochemical Complex
  • Integrated Petrochemical Complex with Refinery
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