Asset Information Management (AIM) System

What is an Asset Information Management (AIM) System?

AIM helps to manage your end-to-end process by managing all the unstructured content related to enterprise assets and maintenance processes up until the completion of the asset life cycle. This allows you and your team to be more efficient in terms of collaboration in asset-related projects and help to improve the reliability and safety in production, whilst reducing downtimes and outages of plants.

What is the goal?

      • The ability to run highly performing assets
      • Reduced downtime and shortened repair cycles
      • Resolve equipment issues more quickly
      • Deeper insight into the root causes of failures
      • Improved Regulatory Compliance
      • Improved Equipment Availability & Reliability
      • Reduced Maintenance Cost

AIM Key Features

      • Automate and streamline current processes
      • Metadata – Multiple ways to find your key information
      • Unlocking hidden values – Able to cut cost, time and meet regulatory compliance
      • Tagging – Search everything using a tag number
      • Accessibility – On the full history of your asset items and links to all related documentation
      • Up-to-date documents – Latest version of manuals and work instructions shared to the maintenance team

AIM Key Benefits

      • Cloud base
      • Easy and accessible for document search 
      • Dynamic view
      • Rigts management
      • Version history
      • Check out / Check In system
      • Workflow
      • Offline availability 
      • Web & Mobile App access