Domo is a comprehensive Business Cloud solution designed to revolutionize business management. It operates through mobile access and utilizes cloud-based technology, offering a social and community-driven business intelligence platform. Domo’s capabilities empower users to centralize data viewing, promote democratization across their organization, foster social engagement around key objectives, and establish accountability measures.

Business Benefits:-

  • All your data in a single dashboard in real-time or right-time
  •  Self-service BI to connect to DataSets
  • Manage performance
  • Access the right information at the right time
  • Unlimited drill down through data layers of a metric (or KPI)
  • View your strategic metrics graphically
  • Monitor, analyze, and manage key activities and processes
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Collaborate with all who need to know

Features of Domo:

Data Integration

Connect Your Data:

  • Data
    o Connect your data effortlessly with over 1,000 pre-built cloud connectors, reducing the need for time-consuming engineering projects.
    o Utilize on-premises connectors through Domo Workbench, maintaining data integrity whether on-premises or migrated to the cloud.
    o Seamlessly connect to proprietary systems using Domo’s APIs, SDK, custom connectors, or webhooks.
  • Federated Data: Keep your existing data warehouse secure behind your firewall while querying and visualizing data without duplication using Domo’s federated adapters.
  • Data Writeback: Send data back to your systems using various manual and automated options such as ODBC, data writeback connectors, and APIs.
  • Cloud Amplifier: Integrate your data warehouses with Domo for native availability of modern BI tools across all your cloud data.
  • Partitioned Data: Utilize partition and upsert capabilities to update datasets with restated data and select a rolling window of data retention in Domo.
  • Data Ingestion:
    o Import data from various file formats including Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, CSVs, and more, into Domo.
    o Import email attachments in .xls, .xlsx, or Zip formats.
    o Capture and process CSV files uploaded to Domo’s SFTP.
  • Community-built Connectors: Create and contribute connectors to the Domo environment, making them accessible to the Domo community.

Combine and Transform Data

  • Use Magic ETL for visually defining and sequencing operations or employ SQL dataflows to set up transformation pipelines.
  • Explore and analyze data quickly with Dataset Views without needing technical expertise.

Leverage Domo.AI and Data Science

  • Benefit from automated machine learning with integration to Amazon Sagemaker Autopilot and develop ML models in Jupyter Workspaces using R and Python.
  • Perform data prep in R or Python and upload changes back to Domo.

Query Your Data

  • Utilize Adrenaline DataFlows for fast query handling, even with simultaneous queries on billions of rows.
  • Achieve optimum computing performance with Domo’s massively parallel processing architecture and dynamic scaling.
  • Execute federated queries to visualize data residing in data warehouses without duplication.
BI & Analytics

Visualizations & Dashboard

  • Chart & Custom Maps:
    o Access over 150 chart types for data visualization, including Trellis, data science, and period-over-period charts.
    o Utilize 7000+ custom maps or upload your own to visualize data effectively.
  • Analyzer:
    o Build powerful data visualizations effortlessly with a drag-and-drop interface.
    o Filter and sort data quickly without altering the data source.
  • Beast Modes:
    o Calculate new metrics from single or multiple datasets using SQL or simple functions without changing existing data values.
    o Manage calculated fields across all Domo datasets with the Beast Mode Manager.
  • Stories: Create customizable, interactive data stories to guide users through analysis without coding.
  • Variables: Design interactive dashboards with custom-defined fields that users can adjust.
  • Page and Chart Filters:
    o Apply filters at the chart or dashboard level and set default views.
    o Specify drill-down or link actions for visualizations.
  • Smart Text: Customize dashboard text to reflect data, updates, and applied filters.
  • Alerts: Set up powerful alerts to manage exceptions and stay informed of key changes in data via web, email, or mobile devices.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

  • Access data on native iOS and Android Domo apps and build visualizations once for instant availability on any device.
  • Receive scheduled reports directly to your inbox and export visualizations or raw data to various formats.

Augmented Analytics

  • Gain AI-powered insights into your data with Insights, Domo’s deep learning, and descriptive stats module.
  • Ask questions in natural language and receive instant responses with text bots.

Collaboration Tools

  • Collaborate on data using Domo Buzz, the built-in chat app.
  • Access org charts with colleague profiles and manage tasks and projects with Projects & Tasks.
    Embedded Analytics

    Consume data and insights

    • Personalized access to data:
      o Gain personalized access to data insights.
      o Share data publicly or privately with row-level governance, ensuring users see only relevant data.
    • Branding Toolkit: Customize analytics appearance with colors, logos, and visualization elements to match your branding.
    • Mobile-Optimized UI: Access data anywhere with responsive design.
    • Bi-Directional Filter Parameters: Control embedded content with external filters and maintain filter settings across systems.
    • Flexible Embedding: Deploy designs quickly with iFrames and enhance interactions with JavaScript.

    Create and Edit Visualizations

    • Self-service creation and editing: Empower users with self-service creation and editing of visualizations.
    • Calculated Fields: Create dynamic calculated fields and derive new data points on the fly.
    • Intuitive Dashboard Design: Create visualizations without coding using a drag-and-drop interface.
    • Scheduled Reports: Email reports with actionable links at defined intervals.
    • Scheduled and Threshold-Based Alerts: Set alerts for specific times or critical metric thresholds.
    • Shareable Content: Seamlessly share visualizations and reports with teams.
    • Granular User Access Policies: Share data broadly with confidence in role-based access control.

    Connect External Data

    • Merge external data with shared data using Domo’s extensive library of connectors.
    • Allow users to manipulate and transform their own data with built-in ETL tools.
    • Editable Dataset Views: Perform visual transformations like joining, renaming, and filtering data without SQL, minimizing processing time.
    App Creation

    Create low-code apps

    • Workflows: Automate business processes to enhance efficiency.
    • Domo Bricks: Utilize pre-built code templates for visualizations in Domo Apps.

    Build Pro-Code Apps

    • App Dev Framework: Develop custom visualizations using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
    • SDKs: Access Domo’s API libraries for quick development in Java and Python.
    • Connector Dev Studio: Create custom connectors using Domo’s IDE.
    • AppDB: Store app state data in AppDB, a pre-built database for application logic.
    • Phoenix: Create user-friendly visualizations with Domo’s powerful charting engine.
    • Integration with Existing Services: Integrate with AI/ML engines, existing services, or favorite cloud APIs.
    • App Development Consulting: Consult with Domo’s app builders for custom app development.

    App Distribution

    • Appstore: Access pre-built apps and connectors tailored to specific business needs.
    • SSO: Share apps with built-in authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.
    • Mobile App Development: Develop mobile apps without additional optimization or development effort.

      Data Governance

      • Data Lineage: Visualize upstream and downstream effects of data changes, explore data lineage, and identify datasets needing attention.
      • Personalized Data Permissions: Grant data access down to row-level for authorized individuals and groups.
      • Trusted Attributes: Create policies based on user attributes.
      • Custom User Roles: Manage roles beyond built-in Domo roles to restrict access.
      • User Management via API: Scale user management with the Accounts API.
      • Bulk Content Administration: Manage data in bulk with batch tools or RESTful API.
      • DomoStats: Understand Domo usage trends, dataset info, and content creation/deletion.
      • Certified Content: Enable content certification workflows for trusted content.
      • Group Access and Administration: Use various group types to manage data access and administration.
      • Governance Toolkit: Access tools to scale data governance efforts and ease administrator workload.
      • Sandbox: Separate development and production environments for testing and innovation without disrupting BI experiences.


      • Secure Architecture: Employ multiple security layers, access models, and threat assessments.
      • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) Encryption: Enhance data protection with company keys.
      • Security Standards Compliance: Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 1/2, and ISO standards.
      • Single Sign-On (SSO): Authenticate via a corporate identity provider.
      • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Increase security with two-step authentication.
      • Logging and Audits: Search and report on all user activities in Domo.

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