PM Eleven

PM Eleven

PM Eleven is an intelligent solution for optimizing business processes using SAP®. These solutions have been designed specifically to achieve optimal results within the selected business processes. PM Eleven has built a robust and secure suite of products so that clients can achieve immediate business benefits with a minimum of implementation effort.

Features of PM Eleven:

Master Data

Part of the PM Eleven Solutions for SAP ® Software are related to Master Data solutions, that empower you to improve on the valuable SAP ® Software history captured during normal activities. You gain the advantage of using tools that continually improve your own data, so as a result, you can improve your performance.

  • Bill of Material Optimiser (BOM) – Improve your SAP ® BOM quality by using important work order history.
  • Task List Optimiser – Improve your SAP ® Task List quality through the use of important work order history.
Work Management

Save yourself days of work by performing multiple updates in one screen. PM Eleven’s Work Management Solutions for SAP ® suite is designed to facilitate the regular collection of SAP ® Software maintenance data to ensure that Work Management KPIs are accurate and be able to easily plan your workload against scheduled work.

  • Manning – Compare gross and net hours available for a supervisor, giving them the capability to easily plan their capacity by shift.
  • Capacity by Shift – Provide the capability for schedulers to plan resources at a shift level.
  • Schedule Work Progress – Secure and interpret your company’s schedule for work progress.
  • Mobile Supervisors Cockpit – Fiori-based mobile solution that gives total visibility of both scheduled and unscheduled work for the week
  • KPI Snapshotting – Secure your key SAP ® maintenance data at a point in time to ensure KPIs are accurate.
Planning & Optimization

PM Eleven’s Planning & Optimisation Solutions for SAP ® are designed to extend your understanding of the way SAP works, and provide the tools to solve the age-old problems where Work Orders are scheduled on the incorrect dates or where maintenance intervals can be securely extended.

  • Maintenance Plan Calls Report – Analyse and simulates due dates for schedules already created as work orders by Maintenance Plans.
  • Annual Estimate Review – Ensure that Annual Estimates are accurate so users can compare the historical usage against the Annual Estimate.

Suite of industry strength Solutions for SAP ® designed to make your life easier. These solutions deliver significant gains in productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • Work Order Printing – Work Order print solution that delivers secure industry-grade.
  • Work Order Scanning – Work Order scanning solution that identifies the work order number from the barcode and attaches the PDF document directly to the Work Order in SAP ® Software.
  • Freight Control – Design Logic for SAP ® Software to help you estimate freight cost accurately, and assign freight cost by volume, weight, material, or percentage.

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