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For modern maintenance, Fiix CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is built specifically to help maintenance teams organize assets, manage work, connect to other business systems, and make data driven decisions. Implementing a CMMS helps teams modernize their maintenance by:

  • Managing assets effortlessly
  • – Tracking and storing all asset information and history.
  • – Monitor the assigning and prioritizing work orders
  • – Easily scaling across facilities and regions
  • – Completing work in the field at anywhere and anytime with the mobile app
  • – Making it easier for data-driven decisions
  • Let’s take a look at Fiix CMMS features:
Cloud-Based Access
Simplified Work Orders

Users are able to create, assign and manage work orders from any device, ex Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Asset Management

Fiix CMMS makes it easy to import assets from Excel, CSV or other maintenance software. Clients can add and organize assets or copy the records with the drag and drop functionality. With Fiix’s mobile app, clients are able to snap images and share it via the mobile app and view asset history as well


Fiix CMMS makes it easier for clients to push and pull information to and from other enterprise software such as from the ERP or financial software systems

Business Intelligence

Clients are able to access the important metrics and KPIs that needs to improve performance with Fiix’s customizable dashboard

Mobile CMMS App

Users are able to mobilize with the ability to update their work at anytime and anywhere, and tap into productivity with user-focused features, work in offline mode


This feature allows users to gather signatures on work orders electronically, eliminating the need for physical documents to record signatures. Often e-signatures are used in audit and compliance use cases. This feature is only available for Enterprise Tier.

Parts Forecaster

With the recent launch of its parts forecaster in Q3 of 2020, this helps in automation of sorting through a bunch of data in your CMMS and helps you find trends so you can keep the right parts on hand. It’s the first feature built on our Fiix Foresight AI engine. Since it runs on AI, the parts forecaster can look at a lot of data really quickly. This feature is available to customers on the Professional and Enterprise tiers who use the parts and supplies module..

ZenduMaintenance is known for its web-based maintenance management system created by our partner GoFleet. It allows you to run your entire maintenance operation more effectively and efficiently. ZenduMaintenance includes:-

  • – Work order management
  • – Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • – Inventory and parts management
  • – Purchasing
  • – Custom reporting
  • – Maintenance cost accounting tools

  • Let’s take a look at GoFleet features:
Real-Time Machine Control Monitoring
Real-time machine control monitoring system and API that smartly triggers work orders and notifications with Maintenance Assistant Monitoring
Real-Time Diagnostic Faults

Provides quick and timely response to potential breakdowns through real-time monitoring of diagnostic trouble faults through the vehicle ECM“>ECM

Automatically Create Work Orders

Corrective and scheduled maintenance work orders are automatically generated based on synced Geotab Telematics data. It manages WO backlog, costs, staff assignment, downtime, and reporting easily

Create Multiple Triggers

It builds multiple triggers for any preventive maintenance schedule

Parts, Inventory, Purchasing, Reports

Powerful enterprise level reporting allows managers to be more proactive on parts and inventory management, streamline processes, and reduce costs

Self-Service Applications

Provides efficiency as it allows all workers with easy to use self-service (web & mobile) fleet maintenance management software applications

Fleet Maintenance Systems ECM Readings

Automatic wireless capture of odometer, engine hours, voltage, temperature, fuel used, PTO and tire pressure, directly from your vehicle ECM“>ECM

DVIR Geotab Device

Geotab Drive is a smart Driver app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Syncing data between the Geotab GO device and the tablet, it works in conjunction with MyGeotab software to provide Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and an FMCSA compliant HOS solution. Install the Geotab Drive App on your existing Android, iPhone, or tablet device to easily get started and keep costs down.


Sync Geotab Diagnostics and DVIR to Streamline Workflow

Automatically sync Geotab diagnostic faults, engine hours, odometer, and driver vehicle inspection reports

Easily Create and Manage Work Orders

Work orders for corrective and scheduled maintenance are automatically generated based on synced Geotab telematics data“>data

Powerful Enterprise Level Reporting

Managers can be more proactive on managing work order backlog, costs, staff assignment, downtime, parts and inventory

Through effective management your maintenance-teams-can-avoid-the-top-osha-violations/” >maintenance team is more productive with less downtime.

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