Professional ICT Consultancy & Support


We provide consultation sessions to ensure that we guide our clients to making the right decision that suits the organisation’s request and requirements.

User Requirement Study

User Requirement Study (URS) is a session to discuss further the business needs together with the validation process of what users require from the system so that both parties can agree and confirm the finalized requirements before the system is created.

Solution Design Planning
  • Business Process & Data Mapping
  • Document Hierarchy
  • Document Specification
  • Information Needs Analysis
  • Distribution Guidelines
  • Infrastructure Requirements & Specifications
  • Archive & Storage Systems

Once the URS document has been signed off, the document will be the official manual of the whole process of the project in which will reflect in the UAT sign-off. During the implementation process, our consultant will be carrying out the activities described and agreed upon during the URS and turns them into reality.

Configuration & Integration

As this activity is part of the implementation, will then proceed to the structure of the system and assist in setting up the user and user groups, permission and access rights, workflows, backups, archiving, document classification, and more. If integration is needed, such as with your ERP system or vault authentication, it will be done in this step.

Data Migration

Should there be any additional/external documents or data which will need to be migrated in the system, our consultant will then proceed to the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming and moving data from one system to another.


At EDMS Consultants, we offer two types of training: –


  • Administrator Training – We believe in training the trainer. In the first half of the day, we will be training the admin users on the overall process of the system including the administration part of the system, to ensure that the admin user can edit and make necessary changes in the future independently.
  • End-User Training – In the second half of the day, we will guide and present the system based on the requirement shared previously. Here is where the users can essentially reach a required skill level within a quarter of the time. The result of the training provided will help qualified the user who requires less support and increase higher adoption users of the system.
Support & Maintenance

We provide several types of support & maintenance based on requests: –

  • Offsite Support (unlimited phone & email support)
  • Onsite Support (subject to client’s requirement)
  • 24/7 Support (subject to client’s requirement)

EDMS Consultants provides the first level of support to all our clients.

Health Check

As consultants, it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the system and that it is working well for their organisation. EDMS Consultants conducts complimentary health check-ups twice a year for all clients to ensure that their business processes continuously streamline, and clients achieved improved business profitability and productivity when using the system.

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