Asset Management Services

1. Maintenance Audits

Provides auditing of complete Maintenance Management system of key elements to determine gaps and improvement opportunities against either ISO 55000 / PAS 55 or corporate standards. Our audits offer clients with a roadmap of improvement opportunities.

2. Maintenance Benchmarking

Benchmarking and competitive analysis shows where the pockets of excellence are, which can then be built on to improve the areas that are not performing quite as well. True benchmarking is comparing one organisation or asset against another which is widely recognised as the best within that industry.

The difficulties in this arise in being able to identify the best organisation or asset and also in being able to gain entry into that organisation or asset to be able to witness and document what they are doing that is better. We provide benchmarking studies to determine the effectiveness of your current maintenance strategy & philosophy.

3. Maintenance Strategy Development

We help our clients prioritize which assets require detailed maintenance assessment and which should simply receive OEM based maintenance in the form of maintenance philosophy & strategy development.

4. Reliability Improvement Program

To remain competitive and maximise the economic life of a field, resources must be used in the most efficient and effective ways. Those resources include both the financial and human resources of the company. Loss usually has the narrow focus of production loss but man hours and Opex losses can be tracked through the CMMS. Revisiting the same malfunctions reduces the Opex and man hours available for scheduling backlog or improvement work. We are able to provide comprehensive reviews of your existing facilities in order to identify quick wins and a long term sustainable reliability improvement program.

5. Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

FMECA studies carried out early in the design phase are used to identify failure modes and reliability issues that may cause performance weaknesses or costly design changes after operation has commenced. A FMECA study considers each mode of failure of every component of a system and determines the effects on system operation of each failure mode in turn. Failure modes are classified in relation to likelihood of the failure occurring and severity of the effects of the failure. Likelihood in combination with severity will generate a criticality rating for each failure mode which is based upon a predetermined risk matrix. We support our clients with FMECA workshops using the best in class software tools and experienced consultants.

6. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability modelling/ RAM studies

A Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) model can be a key strategic tool. RAM models can be developed for brownfield sites and at any stage during the operate phase of the life cycle. If there is the opportunity though to develop it during the design process it can be used to maximise reliability and availability in the design. The information can also be used to develop life cycle costs for the plant. This type of information is critical when comparing alternative design options or equipment choices. The cheapest design option to purchase may have significantly increased operate and maintain costs.

If the RAM model is developed during the design phase, the manufacturers’ data for equipment reliability and maintenance schedules should be used. When decisions are to be made on design options for equipment choices the RAM model will be invaluable tool to trial the options and be able to be used as justification for the decision made. We are able to model your facilities in order to optimize both reliability and lifecycle cost.

7. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) planning

RCM is an industrial improvement approach, focused on identifying and establishing the operational, maintenance and capital improvement strategies that will manage the risks of equipment failure most effectively. With the application of RCM principles, maintenance is evaluated and applied in a rational manner that provides the most value to a system’s owner/ manager/ operator. We can discuss your specific requirements in regards to RCM and confirm the likely cost benefit of such a program for your facilities.

8. Spare Parts Modelling

Having the right spares and materials available when needed, to perform both planned and unplanned maintenance, is clearly essential to reliability and safety.

We analyze and model our clients spares requirements and holdings , resulting in:
• Improved service levels
• Mitigation of production risks
• Enhanced reliability and safety of assets and infrastructures
Improved operational and plant efficiencies
• Optimized maintenance supply chain processes
• Reduced costs

9. CMMS Development & Optimisation

The purpose of CMMS is to improve utilization and performance of a company’s assets, reduce capital costs, reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and ultimately improve ROA. Ensuring the resources required to create and maintain a CMMS are optimal will prevent inaccuracies of information and inappropriate maintenance applications, reducing workload and eliminating frustration. There are 5 distinctive but inter related sections to a new CMMS build. When maintaining an existing CMMS any section can be isolated, then re-introduced seamlessly with minimal operational impact.

The sections are:-

We assist our clients in CMMS build & optimization using our own proprietary tools to ensure data integrity and completeness resulting in improved performance and cost savings.

10. Operational Readiness

EDMS understands the importance of getting all functions in place to the highest standard possible and having people ready to operate your plant efficiently and effectively.

We ensure that everything is covered including an assessment of what our clients’ needs are, developing safe procedures, identifying the systems required for successful operation and maintenance and training for employees on new systems and procedures.

We are able to provide the following:

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