Company Secretary Services

Company Secretary Services

Company Registration

We offer comprehensive Company Registration services in Malaysia, encompassing the incorporation of various entities such as Private Limited Companies (Sdn. Bhd), Companies Limited by Guarantee, and Foreign Branch Offices. Our services ensure smooth and compliant registration processes, providing businesses with a strong legal foundation to operate in Malaysia.

Registration of Foreign Companies 

We provide comprehensive services for the registration of foreign companies, facilitating the necessary processes and compliance requirements for businesses looking to establish a presence in Malaysia

Establishment of Labuan Company/Labuan Foundation

 We facilitate a smooth and compliant process to ensure that businesses can benefit from the advantages of Labuan’s business environment.

Provision of Registered Office Address 

We provide services that include offering a registered office address and acting as the named company secretary for businesses. Our services ensure that companies maintain a legal and compliant presence, fulfilling statutory requirements and responsibilities in Malaysia.

Maintain and Update the Statutory Records

We offer comprehensive services for maintaining and updating a company’s statutory records in compliance with legal requirements, including registers of members, directors, secretaries, managers, auditors, charges, and directors’ shareholdings, as well as managing the minutes book. Our services ensure that businesses stay in full adherence with relevant regulations and maintain accurate, up-to-date records.

 Lodge Statutory Returns to Registrar of Companies

We offer services to prepare and lodge all statutory returns of the company with the Registrar of Companies, ensuring full compliance with the provisions of the Malaysian Companies Act.

Advisory on Regulation and Compliance Requirement 

Our expertise ensures that companies stay informed about and adhere to the necessary regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and maintaining their standing with relevant authorities.