Nuix Digital Forensices & Incident Response

The Challenge

Data is the lifeblood of your business and a valuable target for criminals. Growing data volumes and the ubiquity of mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing have overwhelmed investigators’ ability to make timely, informed decisions.

The Solution  

With Nuix’s advanced digital forensics technology, it helps to empower corporate investigators to collect, process, analyze and review terabytes of data per day. Investigative teams around the world rely on Nuix to quickly find the truth for legal, personnel, regulatory, privacy, incident response, and insider threat investigations. 

Nuix Benefits 

  • Reduce risk, liability and disruption – Connect security and investigation workflows to protect the organization’s reputation, detect threats earlier, and resolve incidents more completely. 
  • Agility and efficiency – The Nuix solution helps to uncover all the hidden insights and relationships in a faster approach, giving the organization more time to concentrate on more strategic tasks.
  • Collaborate securely – Work together on case data across departments and locations with technical and non-technical stakeholders and reviewers.

Nuix Features 

  • Detect hidden connections Visualize the links between people, objects, locations, and events. 
  • Find the WHO? – Quickly understand who’s talking to whom, when, how often, and what about.
  • Identify evidenceRapidly put evidence into the hands of investigators, reviewers, and experts.
  • Get the whole pictureIngest data from all evidence sources into a single platform with a unified view.
  • Collect forensically from cloud Move from detection to investigation using integrated forensic data collections.
  • Search & monitorKeep track and proactively hunt for threats, illicit behavior, and poorly secured data across the enterprise.