Expatriate Services

Expatriate Services

Placement of Expatriate under EDMS Consultants

We facilitate the placement of expatriates under EDMS contracts for clients without an established presence in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Work Permit

We provide support for multiple types of expatriate work permits for clients with established operations in West and East Malaysia including Employment Pass, Independent Pass, Nomad Visa, RPT Visa, ESD Registration, ePPAx registration and any related.

Dependent Pass

We offer a Dependant Pass service to our clients, which allows the family members of expatriate employees to legally reside in Malaysia. This service streamlines the application process and ensures compliance with the necessary regulations, facilitating a smoother transition for expatriate families.

Cancellation of Work Permit or Dependent Pass

We assist clients in terminating these authorizations when they are no longer needed. This ensures a compliant and hassle-free process for ending employment or residency arrangements in Malaysia, simplifying administrative procedures for both employers and expatriates.

Spouse Work Permit 

This service is tailored for expatriates who are married to Malaysian citizens. This service facilitates the legal employment of spouses, allowing them to work in Malaysia, and simplifies the application process to ensure compliance with relevant regulations, promoting greater ease of integration for expatriate families.

Insurance Planning 

Our Insurance Planning service provides clients with tailored guidance on selecting and managing insurance coverage for their business and employees in Malaysia

Year-End Personal Tax for Expatriates

We assist our clients in the preparation and submission of the year-end personal tax for expatriates to ensure compliance with tax regulations and help expatriates fulfill their tax obligations, providing a hassle-free and accurate tax filing process.

Document Translation Services 

We have established collaborations with a diverse network of language educators, offering tailored language instruction services to meet your specific needs. We offer expert guidance in the wide variety of languages.

Cross-Cultural Intelligence 

We understand that navigating a culturally diverse working environment, such as Malaysia can be an intimidating endeavor. We offer a series of online workshops designed to equip you with the essential tools for effective communication and collaboration.