Fiix Predictive Maintenance

What is Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a technique that uses data analysis tools to detect anomalies in your operation and possible defects in asset and processes so you can fix them before they result in failure. 

How does predictive maintenance work

By using historical and real-time data from various parts of your operation to anticipate problems before they happen. There are 3 main areas that factor into predictive maintenance:

  • Real-time monitoring of asset condition and performance.
  • Analysis of work order.
  • Benchmarking MRO inventory usage.

What is PdM suitable for 

  • Assets that have a critical operational function.
  • Assets that have failure modes that can be cost-effectively predicted with regular checkups and monitoring.

Advantages of predictive maintenance  

  • Minimizes the time of the equipment being maintained.
  • Minimizes the production hours lost to maintenance.
  • Minimizes cost of spare parts and supplies.