Fiix Preventive Maintenance

What is Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance or also known are preventative maintenance is a maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of asset or equipment to ensure the percentage of it failing is minimize.  

Types of preventive maintenance 

Time-based preventive maintenance

It can be used for regular inspection on a critical/important piece of an asset that is used on a regular basis and that it would impact production in the event of a breakdown.

Usage-based preventive maintenance

This is based on a certain amount of kilometres, hours, or production cycle of an asset. For an example, transportation truck is scheduled for service every 20,000km per hour.

    When is it suitable to use preventive maintenance 

    • Assets that have a critical operational function.
    • Assets that have failure modes that can be prevented with regular maintenance.
    • Assets that would have a potential of failure that increases with time or use.

    Advantages of preventive maintenance  

    • Costs that will occur for each of assets can be reduced.
    • An asset can be shut down to coincide with production downtime.
    • Any required parts supplies and personnel can be gathered to minimize the time taken for a repair.