HR Management/Advisory

HR Management/Advisory

HR Information Management 

We provide comprehensive solutions to streamline HR information processes and enhance data security, supporting the effective management of your workforce.

Employee Salary Data 

We provide comprehensive HR management and advisory services tailored to handling employee salary data. Our expertise ensures accurate and secure management of sensitive salary information, enabling businesses to effectively navigate salary-related challenges and maintain regulatory compliance.

Employee Salary Calculation 

Our dedicated support ensures accurate and compliant salary calculations, helping businesses streamline their payroll processes and manage compensation effectively.

Payroll Summary

We assist in ensuring accurate and comprehensive payroll documentation, aiding businesses in maintaining clear financial records, and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Allowances and Deduction Summary

Our service includes the preparation and management of allowances and deduction summaries. We ensure accurate and comprehensive documentation, helping organizations effectively track and manage financial elements related to employee compensation.

HR Advisory / Consultancy Services

We offer strategic insights to help organizations optimize their human resources management. Our services support businesses in enhancing HR practices, compliance, and overall workforce efficiency.

In-house training

We deliver customized training to enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees, fostering professional development and improving overall performance.

Salary Benchmarking

We offer comprehensive salary benchmarking services, helping businesses gauge and compare their compensation packages to industry standards. This valuable data assists in making informed decisions regarding employee compensation, ensuring competitiveness in the job market.

Professional Job Description Writing

We provide professional job description writing services, crafting precise and compelling job descriptions that attract top talent and align with your organization’s needs.

Advisory Service on Local Government Statutory 

Our service helps clients navigate the complex landscape of local legal obligations, reducing potential risks and ensuring smooth operations.

Advisory Services Related to the Employment Act in Malaysia

We provide advisory services on legal, industrial, and compensation-related matters, particularly regarding the Employment Act in Malaysia.