Document Management System

Time is of the essence, not only for your company but also for your fellow workers. Spend more time doing work that really matters with M-Files. We understand how difficult it can get to find the right document or saved email especially when it is needed the most. At EDMS, we can help grow the business agility and productivity, whilst giving clients the service they need efficiently.

Everything you need is centralized in one system

You can have all your organization’s contents such as documents, emails, customer details, order numbers, images, videos and other important information at one place, even if it is saved in different archives or systems. Aside from that, you can also have it all stored just in M-Files.

Overall view of your work

You can view all the documents related to what you are working on in one place. Whether it is for an assigned project or all correspondence with a client.

Up to date documents only

Worry of having duplication of documents or having colleagues using the old template? Worry no more as M-Files store one copy of each document instead. We take the burden of your shoulders to ensure you never again have to wonder if you are working with the most recent version or not.

The rest will be taken care

All documents in M-Files will go through the given workflows, follow the appropriate SOPs by your organization, and are accessed only by those with the right permission.