M-Files Enterprise Content Management

What is an Enterprise Content Management [ECM]

Enterprise content management helps to strategize your current methods used to capture, manage, access, integrate, store, and deliver content and document processes. This solution helps to manage unstructured information that is typically critical to your organization’s operation and can come in the form of documents, emails, invoices, contracts, and many other mediums.

How Can M-Files ECM Help Achieve Your Goal?

      • From It’s unique ways of storing documents where it will be stored based on What the document is rather than Where the document is located
      • Helps to eliminate information silos and provide quick and easy access to the right content from any core business system and devices

M-Files ECM Key Features

      • Centralized Document Repository
      • AI features
      • Dynamic View
      • Document History
      • Audit Trail
      • Automated Business Process Management
      • Offline Availability
      • Flexible Platform Preference: Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid
      • And more

M-Files ECM Key Benefits

      • Cloud base
      • Offline availability 
      • Rights Management
      • Effortless Integration
      • Single Source of Truth
      • Easy Access to the Updated Content
      • Improved Accountability and Communication
      • High-User Adoption and Customer Experience
      • Work Mobility (Web & Mobile App Access)
      • And more