MaintWiz System


MaintWiz is a Cloud-based Industry 4.0 platform, designed to digitize industrial asset management, operations, and maintenance. It streamlines the man-machine-process interactions to optimize asset availability and performance and improve productivity. MaintWiz helps organizations to track, measure and manage their routine maintenance transactions and aggregate the information to evaluate against management goals. MaintWiz can integrate with PLCs, Sensors, Internet of things, DCS, SCADA and other automated sources
of data and can enable Condition Monitoring.

Features of MaintWiz:

To build a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system as part of the maintenance management solution.
Create repeatable preventive maintenance schedules, maintenance requests and job plans.
Improve preventative maintenance effectiveness and regulatory compliance and reduce unplanned downtime.
Manage the complete work order life cycle including root cause analysis and CAPA activities to assist in business decisions.
Analyze failure mode to improve availability, reliability, machine downtime and performance.
Automate data capture from PLC / SCADA / IoT to enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Track Shut down, Cap-Ex, and other maintenance projects. Complete planning, budgeting, and preventive maintenance scheduling capabilities with variance analysis.
Optimize various preventive maintenance task types, and spare inventory, and reduce the maintenance cost.
Empower maintenance techs with reliable on-demand access via mobile and handheld devices instead of manual methods.
Improve OEE, reduce downtime, extend Asset Life and have a better Return on Investment.

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