Outsource of Recruitment Process

Outsource of Recruitment Process

High End Recruitment

We handle the entire recruitment cycle for senior and specialized positions, from sourcing and screening candidates to final selection, streamlining the hiring process for organizations seeking top-tier talent.

Contracts Call-Off

We provide a specialized service for outsourcing the recruitment process for contract call-off positions. Our expertise includes efficiently sourcing, evaluating, and onboarding contract workers, ensuring that businesses can easily manage their temporary staffing needs.

Application for Visa

We manage the complex procedures and necessary documentation for securing visas for foreign employees, simplifying the process, and guaranteeing adherence to immigration regulations.

Job Advertisement

We provide a comprehensive service for job advertisement, strategically promoting your job openings to reach a wide and targeted audience. Our offerings aim to maximize visibility and attract top talent to your organization.

Screening of Candidates

We employ our expertise to thoroughly evaluate applicants, ensuring that you receive the most qualified and suitable candidates for your job openings.

Arrangement for Interviews

We assist in coordinating and arranging interviews for candidates, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both employers and potential employees. We streamline the interview logistics, allowing businesses to focus on evaluating and selecting the best-fit candidates.

Reference Check 

Our expert service ensures that you receive accurate and comprehensive insights into a candidate’s professional background and qualifications, aiding in confident hiring decisions.

Negotiation of Compensation 

Our expertise in this area ensures that employers and candidates engage in fair and mutually beneficial compensation discussions, resulting in successful and satisfying hiring outcomes.

Arrangements for Medical Checkups 

Our services include coordinating and managing the arrangements for candidate medical checkups.

Issuance of Letter of Offer

We assist in managing arrangements for the issuance of Letter of Offer documents. Our expertise ensures the efficient and accurate preparation of these essential employment documents, facilitating the hiring process for organizations and providing clarity to candidates.