Outsource Payroll

Outsource Payroll

HRIS Solution

Our HRIS Solution provides an integrated Employee Self Service platform, offering features such as E-leave, E-Claim, E-Employee Salary Data & Details, and more. 

Payroll & Banking Services

We assist in managing employee compensation and financial transactions whilst ensuring compliance with banking regulations, making payroll management effortless and secure for your business.

Expatriate & Local Payroll Calculation

Our service ensures accurate wage computations, tax withholdings, and compliance with local labor laws, simplifying the payroll process for businesses employing a diverse workforce.

Creation of Payslip

We provide a professional service for the creation of payslips, offering accurate and compliant documentation of employee earnings, deductions, and other financial details.

Report Distribution 

Our service includes efficient and secure distribution of comprehensive reports, ensuring timely and organized dissemination of critical business information.

Payments to Government Agencies

We manage the seamless processing of payments to government agencies in Malaysia, including EPF (Employees Provident Fund), SOSCO (Social Security Organization), and Income Tax.

Year-End EA Form Preparation

We provide a comprehensive service for preparing Year End EA forms, which are essential for the personal taxation of employees. This offering ensures accurate and timely documentation of income and deductions, simplifying the tax filing process for both employers and their staff.