Petrochemical Company (Malaysia) – Phase Two

Client’s Requirement: 

  • Management of Change (MOC) is a process that covers from proposal, design, execution and commissioning of changes that happen in the organization including physical site, technical, documentation and organizational changes. For any changes to be approved and executed, MOC needed to be submitted to request approval for improvement/modification proposal which then the detailed design or the justification of the changes will be reviewed, agreed and approved prior construction/execution and commissioning.
  • To digitize process of Management of Change (MOC) to reduce manual paper process and better record keeping.
  • To automate business process which helps to manage the tasks with automatic assignment and notification.

EDMS Solution:

  • With M-Files solution, it has helped to digitized paper based MOC forms
  • To us workflow to automate business process to minimize the risk of missing information and reduce approval time
  • Provide transparency of MOC process where it enables the status tracking of the MOC
  • Provide automatic document history for audit trail
  • To centralized repository to access the eMOC and information related to the MOC
  • M-Files solution automatically sends assignments and notifications via email and M-Files’ Assigned to Me view

Benefits & ROI:

  • Reduced manual and paper-based process with eMOC that also enabling the users to track the status of each eMOC while reducing the time spent for approval and access to information. A centralized repository that enables users to access the right and needed information but still in controlled manner based on permission.