AsPac Lubricants (M) Sdn Bhd – EMP


Client’s Requirements:

  • This EMP is an environmental management framework to comply with the requirements of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 relating to prevention, abatement and mitigation of environmental impacts resulted from the Project Kancil construction and facility operation.


EDMS Solution:

  • To ensure continuing compliance with legal requirements and environmental policy;
  • To serve as a basic document for environmental control and protection in order to minimize the impacts from the Project Kancil construction and facility operation;
  • To provide integrated action plans for mitigation and abatement of the negative impacts identified in the EIAs;
  • To describe the roles and responsibilities of the facility team in managing the environmental aspects; and
  • To establish the framework for environmental monitoring and compliance audit programme, as well as the environmental management performance review framework.


Benefits & ROI:

  • The aim of the EMP is to demonstrate that mitigation specified in the EIA are performing as expected, that all EIA approval conditions are complied with, and that all regulatory environmental emissions/discharge criteria and standards are being met.
  • The EMP outlines key strategy and programmes to manage the environmental issues and the facility’s compliance status. While the environmental aspects and impacts are discussed and described in the EIA studies, the EMP compiles the EIA approval conditions, environmental mitigation measures, environmental monitoring and audit programme.