Atria Data Center (Indonesia)


Client’s Requirement: 

Atria Data Center is looking for a CMMS which can digitalize its current maintenance process and improve the team’s productivity. Preventive maintenance programs including inspection, asset daily checks, monthly maintenance, and monitoring are being tracked manually.

Their key requirements are to accommodate the followings:

Asset registration and historical data
• Tools and Material Data
Maintenance Activity record
Maintenance planning
• Work Orders
• Service Requests
• Preventive Maintenance Feature
• Inventory monitoring and tracking

EDMS Solution:

Introduced and implemented Fiix solution to help their maintenance team to create, complete and close work orders paperless and more efficient. Preventive maintenance can be scheduled and tracked effortless and work request can be done and completed in one system.

With Fiix CMMS, the scheduled maintenance module can help to digitalize the daily inspection, weekly, monthly and annual preventive maintenance.

On top of that, the maintenance team has the access to asset and spare parts information as well as to monitor and keep track of their overall equipment health and maintenance.


Benefits & ROI:

  • The maintenance team has access to assets and spare parts information including all the historical data on asset activity.
  • Admin will find it easy to track pending work orders including preventive maintenance and ensure maintenance is being done as per schedule.
  • With Fiix Dashboard, it gives them instant access to the information they need to improve performance, helping the maintenance team to make better decisions, faster.
  • Maintenance team is able to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that they will measure in order to make improvements. For example, the mean time between failures (MTBF), and mean time to repair (MTTR). Collecting data against these KPIs will help them understand the current state of operations.