Carpeton Industries Sdn Bhd (Phase 2)



Client’s Requirement: 

  • Since Contract and Commercial workflows link with Project and D&T workflows, phase 2 was required to complete the cycle of the process.
  • Project documents linked to project code which is generated from C&C workflow
  • All documents from project, D&T and HSE documents such as drawings, project planning and ISO documents to be kept in one repository.
  • Standardize numbering system for ISO forms such as Document Change Notice and Outgoing Correspondence.
  • Standardize numbering system for project documents and drawings which is linked to project code.


EDMS Solution:

  • With M-Files solution, it has helped to digitized the process and continue the workflow process without any missing documents.
  • Provide controlled automatic numbering for all project documents including drawings and ISO documents.
  • With M-Files, it has helped and fasten the process of documents searching and provide easy access to the documents information
  • Provide automatic document history for audit trial
  • To use workflow for ISO forms, drawing submission and project documents approval
  • M-Files solution automatically sends assignments and notifications via email and M-Files’ Assigned to Me view


Benefits & ROI:

  • Reduce time to allocate all the project and ISO documents
  • A centralized repository that enables users to access the right and needed documents but still in controlled manner based on permission
  • Reduced manual and paper-based process that also enabling the users to have easy tracking on project documents, drawings and workflow status 
  • All forms can be easily located and downloaded from M-Files