PHN Industry Sdn Bhd 

Client’s Requirement: 

  • To eliminate physical documents and transfer to digital or online documents with a centralized document repository
  • Numbering system which is automatically generated based on the current sequence

EDMS Solution:

  • M-Files solution serves as the centralized and controlled document management system which will increase productivity in collaboration.
  • M-Files workflow feature will automate all the current business processes so that every approval workflow will be completed digitally.

Benefits & ROI:

  • Able to ensure documents are stored in the centralized repository
  • Able to manage, find, and track documents and information.
  • Able to ensure all the documents are accessible to related people
  • Helps to improve the information sharing, efficiency and workflow, maximizing information reuse, eliminating redundancy, avoiding rework due to incorrect information sources, and data loss.