Build Workforce Agility

Use your time and focus on what matters most. Don’t waste time digging for information you need about your customer or projects which is in several different places. With M-Files we help eliminate this and ensure that your time is focused on an important tasks, like submitting a proposal or negotiating a contract.

All content stored in one place

M-Files ensures all documents are stored and connected with one another, whether it is searched based on client or a project. All is in one place, hence you spend less time searching for the documents you need.

Focus only on what you need 

Working on a contract renewal? You are able to see all the information about your client whether it is emails, previous proposals, contract agreement, and others in M-files. This will keep you on top of things that are important to you.

Rework? No please. 

You can now automate your manual tasks. A great example would be documents are created with the correct and update data retrieved from other business tools, whether it is your ERP or CRM. This will help your organization lower down the risk of mistakes and keep staff motivated.