Nuix Regulatory Compliance & Information Governance

The Challenge

Most organization’s data may contain all kinds of threats and opportunities. An organization will need to filter the facts on where it is located, how much of it there is, and what it contains to minimize the risks and grasp opportunities whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Solution  

Nuix compliance and information governance solutions help you understand your unstructured content, classify it for records, protect and secure it, answer difficult questions about it, and transform it to maximize its value. 

Nuix Benefits 

  • Reduce risk – Identify and remediate data that’s subject to regulations or potentially harmful to reduce your exposure to breaches, insider abuse, inadvertent data loss, litigation, and regulatory action. 
  • Reduce discovery cost – Conduct discovery, investigations, and regulatory response with the confidence you’ve captured all relevant sources and without having to process and review the same data multiple times.
  • Rapid response time – Respond promptly and comprehensively to discovery requests, internal investigations, cybersecurity incident response, subject access requests, other regulatory queries, and compliance initiatives.

Nuix Features 

  • Capture – Nuix solution helps to collect and process data from cloud repositories, emails, file shares and other unstructured data across the business.
  • Search – Detect critical information in text, voice, video, and images on any virtually device or service in your enterprise.
  • Collaborate – Enable experts and non-technical employees across the business to collaborate and review information.
  • Respond Provide timely answers to regulatory requirements such as subject access requests and the right to be forgotten.
  • Report Use Nuix’s dashboards to identify issues and update executives and other stakeholders on status or progress.
  • Monitor Organization can now monitor the infrastructure for issues in real time.