Enterprise Service Management: A Unified Platform for Employees, Partners, and Customers

Are your employees struggling with the piles of documents? Are your partners unable to collaborate with your employees? Are your customers expecting you to provide omnichannel engagement? If yes, an enterprise service management (ESM) solution is there to help.

Per Gartner, “Organizations are treating Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software as an opportunistic tactical approach to consolidate software or get access to simple functions quickly rather than pursuing an enterprise strategy that requires in-depth analysis of the long-term risks and benefits”.

Enterprise service management system helps deliver a great experience to all service recipients, including employees, partners, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. It manages a wide range of service requests, from simple credit limit updates and duplicate invoice requests to complex business processes like product installation and employee separation.


Listed here are the top 5 benefits of enterprise service management:

Improved customer service

Enterprise service management system aligns with various business needs and provides an end-to-end automation solution to all queries, requests, and complaints. It records customers’ interactions, updates the repository, helps customer service executives to tackle queries, captures feedback with the help of a survey, and provides self-service management, thereby enhancing customer service

Empowered employees

ESM based on low-code process automation helps employees with pain-free, personalized, productive, pervasive, and predictive services. It simplifies document management, answers customers’ frequently asked queries, frees them from doing mundane tasks, and empowers them to utilize their time in productive jobs

Unified view of customer information

The platform helps businesses get a unified view of communications sent from different departments and their customers’ respective responses. It also helps in end-to-end monitoring with real-time tracking of customers’ interactions

Better support to partners

The platform seamlessly integrates with your partners’ applications providing you an extended enterprise experience and your customers with superlative service. Processes such as duplicate invoice requests, goods return requests, and incorrect shipment, which deal with partners external to your organization, can be unified with your business processes

More responsive and quick query resolution

Based on past interaction with the customers across the channels, it helps human agents to respond contextually to each customer, providing them with a better solution to their problem and delivering a superior customer experience

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, an enterprise service management system eliminates the silos and provides a unified platform for employees, customers, and any third-party vendor to interact and optimize business productivity.

Source: https://newgensoft.com/blog/enterprise-service-management-unified-platform-employees-partners-customers/