The Time to Restore Your Document-centric Processes is Now!

Remember the time when we could touch any document and meet our colleagues freely?

With COVID-19, things have changed drastically. We have become physically distant and wary of handling documents. This has affected our decision-making, customer service, and overall organizational efficiency.

“Fully or partially manual processes only function when workers and physical files are located in the same place. That’s why millions of people working from home have resulted in complete breakdowns of key operations for enterprises that depend on manual processes.”Source: Forrester*

The solution lies in digital. We need to act fast and find a way to virtually co-locate our documents and employees.

Wondering Where to Begin?

You need to start by formulating a comprehensive digital document processing strategy that ensures secure, remote access and compliance with regulatory requirements.

For this, you need software that:

6 Things You Must Consider While Implementing a Digital Document Processing Software

  1. Multi-channel Intake

Your customers may share documents via any channel, be it email, social media, or in-person. So, the system you invest in should support document intake from multiple channels and data capture from index fields

  1. Indexing

To locate information easily, you must index documents by associating metadata with the respective documents and folders

  1. Document Processing

For seamless processing, you must define the role of maker and checkers so that documents are auto-routed

  1. Repository Structure

Organizing the repository based on your enterprise’s departmental structure is key. All departmental documents must be stored under the respective entities and business documents should be organized based on the lines of business

  1. Search Operation at Document and Folder Level

Easy access to information is one of the main value-adds of a document processing system. When you are selecting a system, ensure that it supports advanced and intuitive search operations at multiple levels

  1. Permission Access and Administration

It is critical that you secure your information using the restricted access permission capability so that only the intended users can view, add, or modify documents. You can grant access permissions at the user group level, rather than to specific users. Also, setting access permissions at the folder level will simplify the management and maintenance of your documents

A digital document processing software is key to thriving in a remote working environment, especially as employees and documents continue to be physically separated for the foreseeable future.

Introducing Newgen OmniDocs ActiveScript

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