Customer Service Management Software ? 6 Key Considerations

Unified low-code platform for end-to-end automation at scale

Accelerate your digital journey powered by the only technology platform on the planet that can help you automate end-to-end at scale with a unified technology stack that cuts across process, content, communication, and AI. What’s more, NewgenONE is natively low code across the board, so that you can design, build, deploy and optimize applications rapidly.

Intelligent Process Automation

Rapidly automate end-to-end customer journeys for smarter operations and transformed experiences

Automate for outcomes with the most comprehensive process automation platform. Leverage the power of workflow automation unified with content services, business rules, omnichannel communication, case management, RPA, and AI to deliver efficient, intelligent, and context-aware processes. Go beyond automation to build a continuously improving agile organization at a scale of thousands of processes. Modernize work to unleash automated and touchless self-service that makes not only the customer happy, but also employees and partners.

Manage content lifecycle. Ensure anytime anywhere access to content

Embrace digital by automating content lifecycle management for all types of content across the organization. Derive real-time outcomes through automated ingestion and processing of documents and digital media in content-centric processes.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Engage with customers in context through their channels of preference with full control and visibility across the enterprise. Design all communications standard or custom rapidly through visual modelling-driven environment and integrate them in process through plug-and-play. Deliver a delightful experience across the journey by keeping customers, partners, and employees connected in context across applications and touchpoints.

Low Code Application Development

Automate all types of business applications through a uniquely powerful low code capability across process, content, communication and AI. Rapidly compose complex mission-critical applications with enterprise-grade sturdiness and built-in agility for change. Transform your enterprise with speed through end-to-end automation of thousands of applications and processes across the organization.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Tap the power of visual AI to accelerate your journey from data to insights at enterprise scale. Rapidly build machine learning, deep learning and graph models through intuitive visual studio, and launch with automated deployment and retraining. Infuse AI into automated processes and applications for real-time predictive and prescriptive insights to drive faster and smarter decisions. Stay ahead of the market with AI-driven innovative business models.

What’s more! Combine AI with business rules, process automation and content services to inject intelligence in applications and processes across the enterprise.


Take Control of Your Customer Complaints to Unlock the Hidden Opportunity

Tips for Insurance Carriers

“A complaining customer can be your best opportunity to show how good you are…and to create a customer evangelist.”- Shep Hyken

I have been in the insurance industry for more than a decade now and have had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies globally. One intriguing matter that I noticed is that insurers keep working with their monolithic legacy complaint management systems despite the challenges these systems present. This costs you not only customer loyalty, but you also deal with the risk of losing millions in complaint settlements (caused by mismanagement). Also, you end up compromising on the overall operational efficiency.

It’s time you think beyond traditional complaints management systems.

The right technology can help you simplify and optimize your complaints management process. Without a streamlined approach, complaints management can be cumbersome. For instance, setting up a complaint on a legacy system could take up to 90 minutes! With the right platform, it can be done in under 6-8 minutes! Also, with legacy systems, reporting for individual cases could take weeks to collate data from multiple sources. Whereas with the right technology, weeks’ worth of work can be done in minutes!

Today, insurers need a comprehensive digital transformation platform to manage all nuances of complaints management deftly. And cloud-based NewgenONE digital transformation platform with low code capability offers you all of the above, along with stability, scalability, and much more! Here’s how-

  • Complete digitization of the complaints process with no manual hand-offs
  • 100% compliance to necessary regulations such as FINRA, WORM, and more
  • Easy-to-use forms for quick complaint set-up; integration of the platform with necessary applications allows auto-filling of the forms, which speeds up the process
  • No more misfiling of complaints with 100% traceability, visibility, tracking, and auditing of each case
  • Easy upload, download, and streaming of large media files; our technology breaks down larger files into smaller bits to ensure there are no failures
  • Dexterous handling of each case with smart case assignment from a centralized dashboard
  • Advanced reporting—case summary packages with advanced search capability based on 20 parameters for quick reporting to regulatory authorities

The core point that I intend to drive home is that with NewgenONE, you can have a firm grip on customer complaints. This will help you avoid misrepresentations and fraudulent selling by agents, thereby protecting your organization from unnecessary exposure and liabilities. Furthermore, you can stay on top of compliance and regulatory requirements. The right technology can also mitigate all risks and optimize the complaints handling process to unravel optimized costs, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

If you are curious about how NewgenONE continues to empower global insurance organizations, read how we helped a Fortune 500 insurer automate and transform their complaints management and field inspection processes.