Customer experience is one of the top influencers today when it comes to improving customer satisfaction, increasing revenue and creating other business results. But a great customer experience is so much more than just better service. See how leading PDF solutions can help your organization close any gaps that may exist and significantly improve your customers’ experience.

Today, the customer experience consistently ranks at the top of the list of attributes every successful business should have. For example, in Econsultancy’s Digital Marketing Trends survey, marketers identified customer experience (CX) as their top priority for 2018, even ahead of more conventional programs, such as content marketing, mobile, personalization and social.

Why such a focus on the customer experience? For starters, CX’s impact on business results speaks for itself. A study by Walker highlighted just how much customers value great experiences – and how this can translate into increased revenues and profits. For example, the Walker study found that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for what they perceive as a better customer experience. And by 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product capabilities as the key brand differentiators.

How to improve?

Improving the customer experience has a direct positive impact on customer acquisition and retention, overall satisfaction and even the company’s ability to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers. Yet what should companies do to improve in these areas? On one hand, they can focus on low-hanging fruit – obvious opportunities such as training employees to provide better service. Or, they may choose to tackle more complex initiatives such as implementing online product recommendations and personalized communications. Where to begin?

Fortunately, there are many simple – yet effective – ways to improve the customer experience using tools and technologies most companies already have at their disposal. Consider the example of PDF software. Today, PDF solutions such as Nuance Power PDF Advanced provide core capabilities that can immediately contribute to a better customer experience.

Examples of these capabilities include:

  • Online PDF forms. Today, many customers typically have to print online forms, fill them out by hand, scan this information to electronic format, and email it back to the company. This customer example challenge could be solved with a web application, but web developers can be costly or may have other priorities.

Nuance’s Power PDF solutions include FormTyper™, a powerful tool that makes it easy to create PDF forms that can be hosted online, complete with fillable fields where customers can type data, enter check boxes and select a radio button. It also includes logical forms recognition technology to identify all of the individual form fields in an original document.

  • Electronic signatures. In industries where customer relationships require a legal binding document, an efficient process matters as much to customers as it does to the business – perhaps even more.

Electronic signatures remove manual roadblocks — downloading and printing long documents, signing by hand, scanning and emailing back — and help make sure business relationships can begin immediately.

With electronic signatures, Nuance’s Power PDF provides the convenience of a secure digital signature, ensuring that legal requirements do not interrupt or deter from the importance of an efficient customer experience.

Focus on customer service

On the surface, many companies may think of office automation and streamlined processes as benefits to the business’ bottom line. But efficiency gives employees more time to focus on real customer needs and improving satisfaction.

There’s no doubt your customers will appreciate employees being able to apply more time and focus to delivering better service and improving the overall experience.