How to overcome expatriate employee obstacles in Malaysia? To overcome obstacles that may occur during the process of employing expatriate in your organization may be a challenging process. Different countries have different law structures, and organizations who wish to employ an expatriate may face many unfamiliar laws and regulation. Just like in Malaysia, there is regulatory compliance that needs to abide. These processes must be done in accordance with the given guidelines for a smoother transaction.

To ensure all regulatory compliance are followed, it is best to have a specialist that can assist in managing and obtaining the local guidelines to ensure all abides by the law. To apply for your expatriate’s work permit, an organization must be licensed under the Expatriate Services Division (ESD). Even so, your HR person needs to have the right experience and be constantly updated on the latest procedure and criteria that need to be followed.

Hiring an ESD specialist on your side, it provides a more efficient, effective and innovative services for expatriates and organizations to submit expatriate related immigration matters, as they are licensed and are more updated on the latest Malaysia regulatory. An ESD specialist will assist you in the expatriate process, which then will help to improve the quality of delivery to companies employing expatriates in Malaysia.

A licensed ESD specialist will have the required experience to assists in all the services relating to expatriates. At EDMS Consultants, we provide expatriate services such as dependent pass, expatriate work permit, employment pass, professional visit pass, insurance planning, spouse work permit, preparation, and submission year-end personal tax and more. We assist our clients to submit expatriate-related immigration information online and speed up delivery process, especially dealing with the related government agencies.

We have experienced consultants that will assist in the document translation process that requires all documents to be in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language). It is vital to get all translation done by a professional as failing to do so can lead to misinterpretation issues, which could lead to more delay in the approval process.

Apart from that, our consultants will also assist in monitoring your expats’ visa status and validity, or in case any potential changes in law, we will notify them directly. Reason being it is important, is to avoid any unintended tax charges to your employees.

Aside from that, expats also must understand and be aware that unexpected exit from the country leads to visa violation, hence it is best to follow the right procedure and doing it the right way to avoid from being blacklisted from entering Malaysia.

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