We are pleased to share thAt M-Files has been named an “Innovator” by Aragon Research, Inc., in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Content Management, 2018. This recognition validates the momentum of our success in 2018 – spearheaded by M-Files 2018 and the Intelligent Metadata Layer.

The Aragon Research Globe is a graphical representation of Aragon’s analysis of markets and their component vendors. Aragon evaluated 12 major ECM providers based on criteria of strategy, performance and reach, and they define “Innovators” as vendors who have strong strategic understanding and objectives in their respective industry.

As the number of information siloes increases in today’s enterprises, it is crucial for businesses to find new ways to manage how their information is stored, but most importantly, how it is accessed. At M-Files, we flip the traditional location-based content management approach on its head, employing the combination of metadata and artificial intelligence alongside our repository-neutral Intelligent Metadata Layer to shift the focus from where a piece of content is stored to what the piece of content is and in what context it relates to the user. The recognition from Aragon Research Globe is a testament to our continued efforts to simplify and streamline the practice of intelligent information management.

We offer a unique answer to the growing number of ECM repositories, allowing users to work with content within their familiar systems while providing necessary context of how the content fits into the bigger enterprise picture. As we continue to enhance our capabilities with the likes of AI, machine learning, and natural-language processing technologies, we will continue to push the edge of innovation with our dynamic, flexible, metadata-driven approach to ECM.

Source: http://www.m-files.com/blog/m-files-named-innovator-aragon-research-globe-enterprise-content-management-2018/