Evides Industry Water (EIW) delivers tailor-made water treatment solutions to the chemical, petrochemical and food industries. In order to receive ISO55000 certification, EIW had to prove that its physical assets are kept in top condition and that the company is committed to continuous quality improvement. MaxGrip helped to deliver the proof of operational excellence that secured the certification.

EIW is a subsidiary of Evides, the drinking water company for the greater Rotterdam area in the Netherlands. The company’s growing project portfolio and market reputation are built on the highest quality standards, innovative engineering, and advanced asset management. Based on the BOOT business model (Build Own Operate Transfer), EIW’s services include the supply of various types of purified process water and the treatment and reuse of wastewater.

Framework for excellence

In 2011, EIW was certified according to PAS55, the precursor to ISO55000. Certification not only underlines the international recognition of excellence. The process to achieve certification also enables EIW to reach quality and cost leadership through well-defined, risk-based maintenance of all their water treatment and water transportation assets. Seen in this light, ISO55000 certification means building a framework for excellence and securing long-term operational stability and efficiency.

Effective risk analysis

A successful application for ISO55000 required proof from EIW that all its physical assets are flawlessly maintained, and that the organization is committed to an identifiable process of continuous quality improvement. MaxGrip is the specialist in this field. We were asked to support EIW’s reliability engineers, and offer them a platform for efficient and effective risk analysis. MaxGrip has the experience, know-how, and detailed understanding of EIW’s goals needed to deliver the asset-management-services-malaysia/” >asset management platform that would help the company prove full compliance with all requirements.

Asset performance control

Infor EAM has been combined with MaxGrip’s Optimizer+ software. “This creates the foundations for the highest standards of quality, safety,  compliance, reliability, and consistency throughout the organization”, says MaxGrip APM expert Marcel Morsing. “The main objective is to offer EIW full control over asset performance. That means managing the entire asset lifecycle with the highest degree of reliability at the lowest possible costs. Optimizer+ provides the means to do so and to prove it. The platform facilitates effective risk reduction strategies, as well as the documentation, analysis, and management of all actions and results.”

Strategic and operational plan

Producing and transporting purified process water is increasingly complex and demanding. At the close of 2014, EIW was among the first companies worldwide to reach the important milestone of ISO55000 certification. It represents the organization’s continuous growth towards the highest levels of safety and reliability. MaxGrip’s guidance and services have enabled EIW to prove that it is applying best practices for quality asset management. In the process, EIW has also developed an integral strategic and operational plan to achieve excellence for decades to come. Operations manager Ferdy van Damme: “Optimizer+ is an essential part of our success. We use RCM and RCA to analyze failure factors, risks and mitigation measures. The next step is to process the outcomes in Optimizer+ again to close the improvement loop, which is an important part of ISO55000.”

Source: https://www.maxgrip.com/case-studies/evides/