Oil & Gas companies can maximise their business potential by identifying the root causes of frequent failures and identifying the best strategies for preventing future incidents. MaxGrip’s Integrated Failure Analysis solution gives Oil & Gas asset managers and owners the tools and services to reduce unwanted asset behaviour and prevent incidents from occurring and recurring.

Based on the unique RATIO approach, MaxGrip Failure Analysis uncovers every physical, human and systemic root cause of (potential) failure. This holistic solution gives you:

  • A highly effective five-step method based on a uniform Root Cause Analysis (RCA), which can be integrated with Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) functionality. All steps and processes are fully supported by Optimizer+;
  • Accurate data – the first requirement for any root cause analysis and continuous improvement initiative;
  • Coaching, training and facilitation to help your various team members to analyse and continuously learn from system failures and underperformance;
  • Clear reports on potential savings and the financial effects of RCA actions;
  • Easy managing and sharing of RCA data, to facilitate learning across disciplines and between department;
  • Enhanced knowledge of asset behaviour, which makes it easier for you to find the root causes of unwanted asset behaviour, resolve performance deviations, and prevent failure recurrence. By comparison, traditional RCA methods such as the 5-Why approach that produces a singular answer, do not provide enough transparency and traceability.

A proven solution that yields significant ROI

Asset owners and managers around the world are placing more emphasis on reliability, and on aligning their organisations’ interests with public demands for clean and safe operations. MaxGrip Failure Analysis solution – which typically yields more than a tenfold ROI – is a tried and tested method for preventing failures by uncovering the root causes of equipment breakdowns, instead of merely focusing on symptoms.

We demonstrated this with one of the world’s largest energy producers, which wanted to improve the reliability of offshore production assets and increase production at equal or lower operational costs. MaxGrip used the predictive modelling functionality of Optimizer+ to identify potential failures and helped remove the barriers for reliable failure reporting. With the ability to identify underperforming assets and prioritise maintenance tasks, the client has taken significant steps towards operational excellence.

Source: https://www.maxgrip.com/how-we-help/oil-gas/maxgrip-integrated-failure-analysis/