It’s easier to make the right asset management decisions when you understand how the CAPEX and OPEX investments you make today will affect future asset performance in a wide range of potential scenarios. But without the ability to predict life-cycle costs and future outcomes, asset owners, asset managers, service providers and maintenance managers in Infrastructure and Utility companies can end up making decisions with negative, or even catastrophic, implications.

MaxGrip Life Cycle Costing provides a powerful solution to this problem with services and software that support CAPEX/OPEX decision-making. This invaluable business tool helps maintenance management leaders make sound, evidence-based choices by:

A unique, market-leading solution

By giving you access to the data and analytical tools you need for sound decision making, MaxGrip Life Cycle Costing software and services help you identify risks, prevent failures and ensure your maintenance strategies support and advance your business goals. This unique, market-leading solution was an invaluable resource for a large construction company that had won a contract for the renewal and long-term maintenance of a sea lock complex.

To prove that its design, decisions and calculations were sound, the company conducted a comprehensive life-cycle cost analysis with the help of MaxGrip consultants. The results helped the construction company demonstrate that its proposed long-term maintenance plan would ensure that the requested availability, reliability and safety goals would be achieved against optimized costs during the whole life cycle.