M-Files bested all competitors in this year’s edition of the Nucleus Research Content Management (CM) Technology Value Matrix. Similar to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the matrix places vendors in four regions — assessing them on two key factors: functionality and usability. M-Files earned the top spot for both criteria, placed in the Leader quadrant for the seventh consecutive year.

As an independent third-party analyst, Nucleus Research has logged twenty years in the technology research and advisory space. Their website boasts: “By following an ROI case-based, investigative approach, our research delivers factual analysis and insight that helps organizations present the financial, and operational value of a technology solution.”

This year, by necessity, companies have gravitated to technology solutions that can help facilitate a remote, flexible workplace. Content management technology has been thrust into the spotlight to help provide the same work experience at home as at the office. Simple file-sharing or cloud storage solutions just aren’t enough.

As Nucleus mentions in the report:

“The shift to remote work has strained the limits of traditional, monolithic Content Management solutions, forcing companies to focus on defining a strategy to deal with the growth of volume in content, data, and document needs, rather than traditional document storage.”

The Nucleus report can be invaluable for technology reviewers in determining which enterprise content management solution is best for their organization and the explosion of data, documents, and information.

To make the most well-informed decision, get the inside track on top CM solutions from an impartial third party with a complimentary copy of the 2020 Nucleus Research Content Management Technology Value Matrix. It’s a must-read report where you can find the strengths of each vendor and match them up to your organization’s needs.

Click the link below to download Nucleus Research’s assessment of 17 top vendors, including the following highlights:

  • The Technology Value Matrix and the market positioning of ECM vendors in terms of usability and functionality
  • An analysis of the strengths of each vendor’s solution and the value that is delivered to the client
  • Insights on overarching ECM market trends and challenges

Source: https://www.m-files.com/blog/nucleus-research-m-files-tops-among-17-content-management-vendors-in-both-functionality-and-usability/