The pandemic has forced organizations globally to reinvent and realign their digital transformation strategies. Today, digital transformation is no longer a matter of choice. And the energy and utilities sector (E&U) is no exception to this trend. Many E&U organizations have made significant investments in their digital initiatives to sustain their market share and thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The Challenges

Despite the investments in modern, digital technologies, E&U organizations have not been able to fully harness the power of digital. This is primarily due to:

  • Huge number of documents involved
  • Disjointed technical processes
  • Multiple rounds of submissions, approvals, and rejections
  • Complex peripheral processes like invoicing
  • Persisting dependence on manual interventions
  • Short timelines and expensive delays

The Right Step Forward

The need of the hour for E&U organizations is to leverage a unified project management system for the entire project lifecycle that connects documents, processes, people, and devices. A unified interface will enable these organizations to streamline all functions like submittals under multiple disciplines. The interface will bring these functions to the appropriate processing channel, be it through a document-intensive or template-based workflow.

This would enhance operational efficiency, reduce various maintenance-related overheads, and help E&U organizations become future-ready.

Webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Energy and Utilities Sector ? A Use Case

Recently Newgen and Wipro hosted a joint webinar, where Carlos Santos (Head of Western Canada and Canadian Alliance Partnerships, Wipro) and I shared our thoughts, experiences, and insights on why E&U organizations must accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Our overall discussion featured the following:

  • Significant trends and drivers influencing digital processes
  • Various challenges associated with document engineering and management of documents
  • Use cases
  • Case studies and best practices

Watch the full recording of the webinar and gain insights into how E&U organizations can accelerate their digital journeys.