The environment and culture of work applied in an organization hold a big influence on the safety management system. Safety culture means the values, perceptions, behavior, attitudes, and competencies of the employees and management which determines an organizations health and safety management. Leadership is a cornerstone of a good safety culture.

What makes Safety Culture an important subject? Safety culture does not only refer to the employees to comply with the act of safety, but the style of management is even more significant. The active involvement of management in the health and safety system is very important. If the management does not comply with the rules and regulation, then the employees would take the safety regulation lightly.

Management needs to be seen to lead a good example when it comes to health and safety. The senior management should be seen acting regularly in not only checking the teams’ progress and health when doing their work but also be visible in the workplace. This helps to fully understand the constraints and dynamic of the working environment.

Apart from that, the management and team leader should have a good communication at all levels with the employees to ensure that they feel that their concern is heard and taken seriously.

A good management develops when they are active in the participation of the employees’ well-being. To build a great safety culture, the management/employer needs to understand how their employees work. It can include getting involve in safety workshops, risk assessments, and other training. By doing so, it is easier to identify where your employees are lack off, and where you are able to assist in.

Apart from that, management should reinforce a positive working environment by creating a culture that supports each other and applying a different way of approach when near-misses occurs. There must be a culture of trust and openness between the management and the employees as it helps lessen the percentage of error that may occur.

At EDMS Consultants, we are known to assist our clients in providing system transparency between the management and the employees. We help our clients collaborate and communicate transparently with the employees.

We assist in system designing with a solution that suits our clients’ requirements. Our consultants are experienced in providing technical training (Risk Safety Awareness) and interpersonal training. Changing people’s behavior is not an easy task, it is, in fact, the hardest task of all, but with proper approach and planning, it will work.

Aside from that, our safety services include assisting in protecting the environmental impacts, reducing emissions and pollution to air and water. We are able to do so by analyzing current operations and provide recommendations on optimizing and reducing health and environmental impact.

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