Scaling to great heights with M-Files Ment

M-Files Ment is a dynamic no-code document automation platform that allows users to automate documents in minutes – without requiring technical resource. One of its unique qualities is that it allows users—for example, lawyers—to produce templates easily through its 100% no-code visual interface with minimal training. You can pick it up easily and run with it, allowing users to scale their team’s automated documents quickly and at reduced cost.

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Here are some key benefits in relation to M-Files Ment’s scalability:

• Reduced cost as technical resources are not required to automate
• Very little training required so barriers to use are reduced at rollout
• Lawyers are empowered to automate and maintain their own templates
• Time-saving benefits of automating templates can be realized more quickly
• Lawyers don’t need to relay the operation of contracts to non-legal technical resources, reducing miscommunication and reducing time needed for testing

Empowering Lawyers

Around five years ago, I was a document automation manager of an international law firm tasked with rolling it out across the firm. Before I took on the role, I was involved with two trials—the first had lawyers themselves doing the automation and creating their own templates, and the second was where there was one person devoted to the technical side with lawyers feeding instructions to automate their templates.

At the time, the findings were the first trial (where lawyers were empowered to automate their own templates) didn’t work so well, and the second was more suitable. The key reason was that lawyers at the firm didn’t want to learn something so technical at the expense of billable time. In this instance, there would have needed to be at least a day of formal training followed by weeks, or even months, after to master the tool. When the job dictated 6-plus billable hours, along with business development and CPD, learning how to automate ultimately fell down (and off) the list.

Rise of No-Code

Why do I mention this? Well one of the important benefits of M-Files Ment, and no-code more broadly, is that it can be picked up quickly with limited training—users can automate with M-Files Ment in as little as 15 minutes. There’s no need to undertake formal training for days at great cost to your team’s budget and time. M-Files Ment is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, meaning templates can take as little as minutes to create or hours for more complex ones—not days or weeks.

From an organizational perspective, deploying a tool in which you can realize the benefits so quickly is a competitive advantage. Usually, technical people need to be employed, or consultancy services acquired, to deliver return on investment—for example, getting the template automated and into use— and the maintenance thereafter. This adds time and cost and risks some loss in translation between the legal and non-legal personnel. M-Files Ment avoids this by giving lawyers themselves the capability to automate and maintain their own templates.