This is the time of year where many are inspired to reflect on what’s happened over the previous 12 months. And what a year it’s been! I’ve always been fascinated with the double-edged adage, or curse, “May you live in interesting times.” We’ve certainly had our fair share of ‘interesting’ and you probably share the desire for 2021 to be a bit more normal, whatever that word means!

It’s sort of ironic to label this article as the ‘best’ of 2020 given what’s been happening in the world, but there has been some good mixed in with the challenging. It’s been a year of learning to adapt to distributed working, virtual meetings, and a level of flexibility unprecedented in modern times.

Of course, content has played a tremendous role, so for this year’s reflection let’s look back at the greatest hits from Nuix in 2020.


Exclusive Fireside Chat With Nuix Chief Scientist David Sitsky

Nuix Global VP of Engineering Paul Keen interviewed Chief Scientist David Sitsky in this engaging, interactive session. The discussion ranged from the company’s beginnings to its future and featured live illustrations by Zahra Zainal.

Nuix And MSAB Integration: Transferring Mobile Data Has Never Been Easier

Hosted together with our partner MSAB, experts from both companies demonstrated the integration of our products and showed how, using Nuix Workstation, investigators can search, filter, and analyze mobile data in conjunction with data from diverse sources.

Leverage Machine Learning With Nuix Discover Continuous Active Learning

Part of our renewed Nuix Discover Power User series in 2020, this webinar looked closer at Nuix Discover’s Continuous Active Learning (CAL), including when to use it, its benefits, and how to easily apply it within Nuix Discover.


Faces Of Innovation: From Innovation To Implementation

Ari Kaplan Advisors interviewed 33 knowledge management leaders around the world, exploring how law firms are reimagining the delivery of legal services, the impact of technology on that shift, and how firms are embracing a fluid data landscape. This video was one of many supporting the report we published based on Ari Kaplan’s research, found at

Nuix Discover: Ingestions

Nuix Discover features integrated processing powered by the Nuix Engine, demonstrated in this short product video.

Building A Contact Tracing App On Nuix Software

Nuix team members participated in a ‘hackathon’ to build a contact tracing app powered by our software. This demonstration shows how the web front end sends data in real-time to a Nuix case in Nuix Workstation, which can then be visualized using Nuix Investigate.


Women In Nuix Introductory Roundtable – Part 1

The Women in Nuix podcast is a series committed to elevating the conversation about gender in technology, leadership, influence, and the way we raise our voices to advocate for progress. Started in 2020, this is the first episode in the series, with episodes already in production for 2021.

Celebrating Chief Scientist David Sitsky’s 20 Years

David Sitsky makes it into this article for a second time, this time in a podcast interview talking about his 20 years at the company and outlook for the future of our technology. Definitely a must-listen!

Partner Spotlight – OnRetrieval

Partner features were another new addition this year, with several partners featured in podcast interviews and more to come in 2021. Our interview with OnRetrieval rises to the top thanks to it also being our first-ever with an accompanying Spanish-language recording.


Building Unstructured Data Solutions For Today And Tomorrow

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

In this six-part series, Alex Chatzistamatis explores using Nuix to answer some of the biggest questions facing organizations dealing with large volumes of data today. These questions include:

  • “What kind of sensitive data is on my endpoints?
  • “Can I combine multiple data types together using a single view?”
  • “Is there a way to create a reusable data repository for my most frequently litigated custodians and their privileged data?”

Powerful Data Enrichment Is Just An API Away

Nuix CTO Stephen Stewart looks at enriching data using our powerful APIs and taking advantage of the Nuix Engine’s superb text and metadata extraction capabilities. Bonus, there’s also a podcast episode on the topic inside this article!


We’re committed to continuing to tell the story of how Nuix helps our customers find the truth in a digital world, and that’s reflected in the types of content we plan on delivering in the New Year. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look back on the year that was, and we’re excited to continue the journey immediately following the holidays.

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you a very safe and happy holiday season.