Does it take way too long for your organization to adopt an ECM system?

You are not alone. Many organizations face humongous implementation projects with the added complication of data migration before they can actually realize real benefits from their ECM investment.

Any software solution only brings value if end users embrace it and adapt it to their daily routines. And the users will be happy to adapt only when the solution is easy to learn and use.

Ease of adoption is the gift we continue to give our users. M-Files has received exceptional ratings for usability as it is; for example, Nucleus Research named M-Files a Leader both in Better Functionality and Greater Usability.

Now, we have taken the next step.

M-Files has recently introduced a new Web Client. A client that brings a consumer-like easy user experience to everyday ECM users.

(Actually, we call it Intelligent Information Management rather than ECM, because of all the unique capabilities that span content across different systems, archives, and applications, ending the nightmares of migration projects.)

When developing the new Web Client, the user experience took center stage — specifically, how it supports daily work. With better support for daily work, use and adoption are easier, quicker, and more intuitive — and can thus provide for more efficiency for the business.

So, what exactly is changing?

All-in-One View. First of all, intuitive user flows adapt to the user’s needs and behavior. The three panels with all the relevant functions give users a quick overview of all relevant information about their documents at once. This means less time browsing through different tabs. ???????

Fast and Accurate Search. Second, the improved Search functionality with more search options and an intuitive search experience helps your workforce find what they need faster, more accurately, and even more easily than before.

The whole user experience on the web client is helping users to adopt it quickly in their daily information management operations — like creating, editing, and archiving documents, tagging documents with metadata, or sharing documents with colleagues.

And if this improved usability for your end-users is not enough, the new Web Client is easy for administrators as well…

The Web Client works across multiple platforms — all you need are user credentials. The Web Client is always up to date, without the need to install anything, making administrators’ work easier.

Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

You can achieve both superior functionality AND superior usability, all in one package. It might never be the only user interface for your super users — that’s what the Desktop Client is for — but the new Web Client will certainly help the organization at large to adapt to new ways of working quickly and easily.